Instructor Spotlight


As a faculty participant of the Digital Learning Certificate program, Dr. Harold Pinnick is redesigning CHM 490: Synthetic Organic Chemistry in a hybrid format this semester. A seasoned chemistry faculty member, Dr. Pinnick understands that one of the common obstacles that students face when taking a chemistry course is the inadequate understanding of abstract concepts. Dr. Pinnick firmly believes that the best way of teaching concepts is to present them in a dynamic manner. In his face-to-face class, you’ll never see any static PowerPoint slides presented. But instead, Dr. Pinnick demonstrates abstract concepts by writing and drawing and presents them through a document camera for students. When redesigning the course in a hybrid format, Dr. Pinnick is determined to provide his students with the same learning experience his face-to-face students get from a classroom setting. He uses Echo 360 Personal Capturing and a document camera to record interactive lectures in his office. Step-by-step demonstration is captured and displayed through the document camera onto the computer screen. Echo 360 Personal Capturing records the lecture on the screen and streams it directly to students. With the interactive presentations, chemistry in Dr. Pinnick’s class becomes more alive and real to students.