Changes to E-mail Address in Blackboard Learn

On May 17, we will be changing all e-mail addresses in Blackboard Learn to users’

How I am affected?

Your e-mail address in Blackboard will be listed as your address, but when students e-mail you, you will still receive the e-mail in your mailbox.

How are my students affected?

Students’ e-mail addresses in Blackboard will appear as their address, but they will still receive their e-mail in their gmail mailbox.

Why are we doing this?

We have had some account issues and this change is necessary to ensure that all users receive communications through Blackboard efficiently.

Who do my students or I contact if we have questions or experience any problems?

You can contact the IS Customer Service Center at 219.989.2888 option 2 or at

Source: Heather Zamojski, Director of Academic and Research Computing