Brown Bag Seminar – Digital Storytelling 1

Dr. Meg Rincker, Assistant Professor of Political Science taught POL-43300, International Organization: Model United Nations and spoke about the use of Digital Storytelling in her course on February 19th, 2014. During the seminar, Dr. Rincker shared with us her experience of why digital storytelling is a great learning tool. She also shared with us the digital story projects the students created in her class.

Click the link below to access Dr. Rincker’s presentation:

Student Presentations

Available below are the digital story projects the students created in Dr. Rincker’s class.

Student Name Martin G. Jason S. Rachel R. Daniel C. Alice R. & Vaz M.
Issue Disarmament and International Security Disarmament and International Security Economic and Financial Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Social, Humanitarian and Cultural
Topic Mideast Nuclear Free Zone Conventional Ammo Stockpiles Science and Tech for Development Torture and inhumane treatment Rights of the Child


Student Name Rebecca B. Lisa H. Jose C. Leslie F. Mary W.
Issue Special Political and Decolonization Special Political and Decolonization Peacekeeping General Assembly Plenary General Assembly Plenary
Topic  Peaceful uses of Outer Space  Atomic Radiation  Conduct of Peacekeeping Troops  Global Counter-Terrorism  Eliminating Malaria by 2015


Student Name Daniel G. Marisa H. Nolan Mancera
Issue International Court of Justice Historical Security Council-1994 Historical Security Council-1994
Topic Cambodia v. Thailand, Temple of Preah Vihear Rwanda, Somalia, and Haiti  Bosnia-Herzegovina, Georgia