Instructor Spotlight

196643_10100313971415698_6045670_nProfessor Barbara Henning, M.A., DTR, teaches F&N 203, Introductory Foods: Selection and Preparation, this semester. This course introduces students to the principles of food selection, preparation, and meal planning. In the course, students learn a wide range of skills from cutting techniques to plate preparation, from boiling water to preparing complex sauces, and from broiling to baking. In the past, a great deal of class time was spent on demonstrating techniques to students, while they passively observed, limiting their time to complete the assigned tasks during class. Finding more class time for the students has been accomplished by moving the demonstrations online. Professor Henning identifies “How-to” videos on YouTube and makes them available to students through Blackboard. Students are required to watch the videos before they come to the class and can practice at home if they want to get themselves prepared for the class and lab time. During the class and lab time, Professor Henning focuses on answering questions and working with students one-on-one. To ensure students watch the videos before the class time, students’ viewing of videos is included as part of the final grade calculation. Professor Henning uses Statistics Tracking in Blackboard to track when and how many times a video is viewed by each student. Clicking on the link below will provide instructions on  how to use Statistics Tracking.

Using Statistics Tracking