Upcoming Brown Bag Seminars

Over the next two Brown Bag seminars, join us for a two part series on Experiential Learning and Digital Storytelling. 

On February 19th, Dr. Meg Rincker, Assistant Professor of Political Science will share her story on how Experiential Learning and Digital Storytelling has enhanced the learning experience for her students enrolled in POL 433 EXL – International Organization: Model United Nations. As described in the Instructor Spotlight, Dr. Rincker’s students are provided with practical experiences as a student-diplomat as they prepare to participate in the American Model United Nations Conference.

On March 19, Dr. Ningchun Han will take a deeper look at Digital Storytelling. We will cover the educational uses of Digital Storytelling and the skills students will acquire during the creation of their stories. Example stories will be shared.

Click the link below to register for the brown bag seminars: