Kick off of Digital Learning Certificate Program

In January, OIT launched the next Digital Learning Faculty Certificate Program, funded by the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs. Its mission is to promote effective course design and pedagogical innovation. We encourage faculty who are considering designing or re-designing an online, hybrid, or technology-enhanced course to participate.  Throughout the semester, participants are engaged in a series of workshops covering learning theories, best practices in course design, and strategies of technology integration and course management. While working closely with their mentors in one-on-one sessions, participants will develop their own courses in Blackboard and once the participant successfully demonstrates the learned objectives of the program in teaching their own course, they will be awarded the Digital Learning Certificate.

Participants for this semester are:

Magesh Chandramouli, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Computer Graphics Technology
George Hong, Ph.D., Professor of History
Harold Pinnick, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry
Daniel Punday, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English
Adam Rengstorf, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physics
Eugene Schlossberger, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Philosophy
Besma Smida, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Tanya Stabler, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of History
Nicolae Tarfulea, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics
Nicoleta Tarfulea, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics
Gloria Velez-Rendon, Ph.D., Assoiciate Professor of Spanish and Foreign Language Education
Elsa Weber, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Studies

OIT offers the program during the Spring and Summer semesters of each academic year.  Upon acceptance into the program, faculty are granted a course release during the spring term or a stipend if you participate in the summer term.

If you are interested in further information on the Digital Learning Program, please contact one of the co-directors; Ningchun Han, Ed. D and Emily Hixon, Ph.D. You can contact Ningchun Han at or Emily Hixon at