Instructor Spotlight

Meg RinckerDr. Meg Rincker, Assistant Professor of Political Science, taught POL 433 EXL, International Organization: Model United Nations. This course centers on the activities of the United Nations and the modalities of international diplomacy. The course provides students with practical experience as a student-diplomat and prepares them to participate as a distinguished diplomat at the American Model United Nations (AMUN) conference in Chicago. The conference simulates the United Nations and students participate as delegates to various UN committees. In the course, students are given topics to research in order to formulate political positions based on the actual policies of the countries they represent. To prepare the students for the AMUN conference, Dr. Rincker experimented with utilizing Digital Storytelling as an activity for students to demonstrate what they learned while researching their position papers. Digital Storytelling is a multimedia production with little boundaries. The process of creating the story provides students with opportunities to present their understanding of a given topic in a creative and reflective way.  The elements of the story can be told using video, animation, stills, audio or any other form of digital media.  The students in Dr. Rincker’s course used iMovie or PhotoStory to compose their stories.