Instructor Spotlight

Sharon SchleighAs an advocate of innovative teaching, Dr. Sharon Schleigh, Assistant Professor of Science Education, turned her Physics 152 class completely inside out over the summer of 2013. By reversing a traditional class where students normally listen to a lecture in a classroom and do homework at home, Dr. Schleigh made lectures and practice questions available to students ahead of time through Blackboard and WebAssign, an online instructional application. Students were required to study the lecture and finish the practice questions before they came to the class. This method was beneficial to the students because they came to class equipped with the basic knowledge of concepts. In class, students collaborated on the homework questions and were able to address and answer difficult points of the subject with the assistance of the professor. It was found that students completed the class with a better understanding of the subject and possessed higher problem-solving skills. The video below shows a snippet of Dr. Schleigh’s class of Physics 152 with comments from her students.