Instructor Spotlight

geralynGeralyn Farley, Associate Professor of HTM, teaches HTM 291 Quantity Food Production and Service. This course gives students an introduction to food preparation methods and service techniques in quantity food settings. In the course, students become familiar with ingredients and culinary terminology, learn to read and evaluate menus, develop recipe conversion and costing skills, and learn to manage and work each position in a restaurant whether it is a role in the back-of-the-house or front-of-the- house. It is an intensive course with a fast pace and lots of demonstrations and practice. One challenge in this course is that students have to go through each position with such a fast pace that very often they can’t keep up with the demonstrations the professor provides and fail later in their own practice. To meet the challenge, Professor Farley, working with the Lab Operation’s Manager, Pitparnee Stompor, video recorded demonstrations on specific tasks in the kitchen, such as how to operate and sanitize equipment. She also found educational videos on YouTube providing demonstrations on waiting tables, plate garnishing, guest orders, etc. Since the students only meet once a week for lecture and once for lab, Professor Farley created a YouTube Channel as a centralized place to house all the videos that have been created and those from YouTube, so students can review the demonstrations anytime conveniently on their computers, tablets, or smartphones before they come into the lab to practice. Easy access to demonstrations has proved to help students prepare for their practice in the restaurant setting.