External Links with Descriptions

Purdue University Data Links

  • Student and Staff Data (A resource for users to quickly and easily obtain University and college level data. By using drop-down menus, the end user can create reports tailored to their needs.)
  • Sponsored Programs Proposals and Awards (Purdue University Sponsored Program Activity for Fiscal Years 2002-03 to Present, by College, Department, and Staff.)
  • Sponsored Programs Expenditures (Purdue University Sponsored Program Expenditures and Cost Sharing for Fiscal Years 2002-03 to Present, by College and Department.)
  • Purdue University System-Wide Data Digest Page (Provides official information about the Purdue University system and its campuses. The Digest covers a broad spectrum of topics and includes detailed data on students, student financial aid, faculty and staff, instructional activity, finance, facilities, research, and peer comparisons.)
  • Financial Transparency (Provides reports to ensure public access and transparency including audited financial reports, outstanding debt information, purchasing business diversity reports, personnel salary reports, operating and capital budget requests, item/project requests, space utilization, reports, A-133 federal funds audit report, and academic program requests.)
  • Purdue West Lafayette’s Office of Institutional Research (Provides information about the West Lafayette campus and system wide reports.)
  • Purdue University Board of Trustees (Provides information about the board, trustees, meetings, minutes and reports.)

Professional Organizations


State Data Sources

  • Access Indiana (Government, lifestyle, demographics, elected officials, education, social security, and other information from the State of Indiana.)
  • Hoosiers by the Numbers — Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development (An interactive data application analyzing Indiana’s workforce.)
  • Indiana Business Research Center (A unit in the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. The website provides a link to STATS Indiana, an interactive web service offering a variety of ways to obtain and present essential economic and demographic data.)
  • Stats Indiana (Provides access to thousands of data items related to geographic areas in Indiana and across the nation.)

National Data Sources