Board of Trustees 2012 – 2013

Purdue University’s Board of Trustees consists of ten members, appointed by the governor of Indiana. Three of these members – one of whom must be a graduate of the College of Agriculture – are nominated by the Purdue Alumni Association. The 1975 General Assembly provided for the tenth member, a student. The Board selects the president of the University, decides major policy lines, approves the financial program and budget, approves the president’s nominations for major appointments, and approves all construction and major contracts.

Current Board Members1
Board Member Name Board Member Location
Michael R. Berghoff Indianapolis, Indiana
Michael J Birck Hinsdale, Illinois2
JoAnn Brouillette Fowler, Indiana
John D. Hardin Jr. Danville, Indiana2
Keith Krach, Chairman San Francisco, California
Gary J. Lehman Lafayette, Indiana
Miranda McCormack Fowler, Indiana
Thomas E. Spurgeon, Vice Chairman Peoria, Illinois2
Don Thompson Oak Brook, Illinois
Bruce White Merrillville, Indiana

1As of December, 2012
2Selected by Purdue Alumni Association

Chancellor’s Advisory Board

The Chancellor Advisory Board at Purdue University Calumet was established to provide support and guidance for the university’s strategic vision. Members are community leaders who help the Chancellor move PUC forward, while keeping a keen eye on the road foreseen for its success.

Current Chancellor Advisory Board Members1
Chancellor Advisory Board Member Name Chancellor Advisory Board Member Location
Calvin Bellamy Schereville, Indiana
Mohini Chopra Chicago, Illinois
Dan Galvin Dyer, Indiana
William Hasse Calumet City, Illinois
Ron Hunter Hammond, Indiana
Thomas Keilman Whiting, Indiana
Mary Kay Prasco Crown Point, Indiana
Craig Pratt Merillville, Indiana
David A Roberts Charlotte, North Carolina
Michael Suggs Gary, Indiana
Lu Ann Uremovich Burns Harbor, Indiana
Dale Wierbse St. John, Indiana
Deno Yiankes Merrillville, Indiana

1As of December, 2012

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