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Purdue University Calumet has published a searchable database on the Web containing information related to current PUC scholarships and other outside scholarships as well!

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External Scholarship Searches

Fast Web

FastWeb (Financial Aid Search Through the WEB) [Opens in New Window] is the largest and most complete scholarship search on the Internet. It provides access to a searchable database of over 400,000 private sector scholarships, fellowships, grants, and student loans.

To use FastWeb [Opens in New Window], click on “Start Your Free Scholarship Search”. FastWEB will lead you through a series of questions about yourself, ranging from heritage to career objectives to student activities. You should set aside 10 minutes to go through the entire profile and be sure to answer every question to the best of your ability.

When you are finished filling in the requested information, FastWeb will require a few minutes to match your profile against its database. After allowing FastWeb the time it requests, click on the word “mailbox” to see the results of your search. Your FastWeb mailbox will list detailed information on scholarships and awards which apply specifically to you. Also included will be links to suggested form letters you can print out, sign, and mail to receive additional information.

FastWeb will keep your information on file for a minimum of one year and will update your FastWeb mailbox nightly with any new scholarships that apply to you. Because they receive new awards daily, you should check your mailbox on a regular basis to get a head start in the application process. If you supply an email address in your profile, FastWeb will notify you of new awards for which you may qualify. You may go back to your mailbox at any time by going to the title page at [Opens in New Window] and clicking on “Returning to FastWeb? Check your Mailbox”.

Sallie Mae’s Scholarship Search

Sallie Mae’s free Scholarship Search [Opens in New Window] offers access to an award database that contains more than 3 million scholarships worth over 16 billion dollars, and it is expanded and updated daily.