How to Log In to PCSTAR (PDF)

How to Access PCSTAR from MyPUC (PDF)

Direct Stafford Loans

How to Complete Direct Loan Entrance Counseling (PDF)

How to Complete a Master Promissory Note for Direct Loans (PDF)

Electronic Billing and Refunding

How to View Your Electronic Bill (E-Bill) (PDF)

How to Set Up Your Electronic Refund Profile – MyPUC (PDF)

How to Set Up Your Electronic Refund Profile – PCSTAR (PDF)

How to Add or Delete an Authorized User on Your Student Account Profile (PDF)

NBS/FACTS Payment Plan

How to Sign Up for an NBS/FACTS Payment Plan (PDF)

Financial Aid Awarding and Processing

How to Check Your Awards on PCSTAR (PDF)

How to Check PCSTAR for Any Documents or Information Required from the Student (PDF)

How to Check Your Satisfactory Academic Progress Status (PDF)

Financial Aid Deferments

How to Complete an NBS/FACTS Financial Aid Deferment (PDF)

Making a Full Payment

How to Make a Full Payment (PDF)

Printing 1098-T Tax Notifications

How to Print Your 1098-T Tax Notification (PDF)