Financial Aid for Summer

Watch for electronic notifications!!!

The Office of Financial Aid uses email as its official means of communication with students.  This enables us to communicate with students expeditiously and allows students faster and more convenient access to their financial aid information.  Please be assured that we exercise great caution when sending students emails.  No confidential information is included in the content of any email messages.


Check myPUC, your PUC email, and your personal email weekly for important messages from our office. 


Students enrolled in the Academic Partnership Program:  Go to  for information regarding summer financial aid.


You will be considered for summer financial aid if all of following criteria are TRUE:

  1. You have released your FAFSA data to Purdue Calumet for the current academic year
  2. You have provided all documents needed to complete your financial aid file at Purdue Calumet
  3. You are admitted as a degree-seeking student at Purdue Calumet
  4. You are meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements at Purdue Calumet
  5. You have not exhausted your financial aid eligibility during the fall and spring semesters either at Purdue Calumet and/or another institution
  6. You are registered for the summer term (To be eligible to receive a loan, you must be registered in a minimum of 6 credit hours for an undergraduate student; 4 credit hours for a graduate student).


Awarding Process

Beginning March 23, 2015 we will automatically begin REVIEWING summer aid eligibility for students who meet the criteria outlined above. 

Students who are eligible to receive financial aid for Summer 2015 should watch for the following:  

  1. A message on myPUC regarding your summer award status.
  2. An email sent to both your PUC student email account and email address you provided on your FAFSA for 2014-2015.
  3. Award(s) will be posted to myPUC for your review and action.
  4. “Gift Aid” (Federal Pell Grant) is automatically accepted for you. 
  5. Loans require you to accept or decline the award on myPUC.

Students not eligible for Summer aid will be notified via email and a message will also be posted on myPUC.


Students whose current “Satisfactory Academic Progress” status is “probationary” or “ineligible” will NOT have their Summer aid eligibility calculated until after Spring 2015 grades have been posted and ”Satisfactory Academic Progress” statuses have been updated. 


IMPORTANT!  As your summer enrollment may span any one period or more between May 18 and August 7 your summer enrollment will be reviewed and awards revised accordingly.  All summer loan disbursements are based on enrollment of 6 hours, and will be cancelled if enrollment drops below 6 credit hours prior to disbursement. 


Types of financial aid you may be eligible to receive for Summer 2015

Aid Program

Minimum cr. hrs.

Other Considerations

Award Process

Federal Pell Grant


  • Remaining Pell Grant eligibility


1 credit hour for remaining Pell Grant eligibility (if not enrolled full-time during both fall and spring).

If NOT enrolled full-time during Fall and Spring you would be eligible for your remaining Pell Grant eligibility during the summer.


Automatically awarded & accepted 


State Grant

  • Remaining State Grant eligibility

1 credit hour for remaining grant eligibility

If NOT enrolled in 15 hours during Fall and Spring you would be eligible for your remaining State Grant during the summer.  Only offered to students who received their first state grant in fall 2013 or later.

Automatically awarded & accepted

Child of Certain Veterans and Public Safety Officers Supplemental Grant Program (CDO)

1 credit hour

Must be below the 124 credit hour program maximum.

Must have a processed FASFA on file for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Automatically awarded & accepted. 

Notify us if you are awarded CDO and wish to decline this award

Federal Stafford Loan (Subsidized and Unsubsidized)



6 credit hours (undergraduate)



4 credit hours (graduate)



Annual Loan Limit:  If you have borrowed up to your maximum annual Stafford Loan limit during the Fall and/or Spring semester you will not have any Stafford Loan eligibility remaining for the Summer.

Grade Classification:  If you have borrowed up to your maximum Stafford Loan limit at your current grade classification you will not have any Stafford Loan eligibility remaining for the summer.  You may wish to contact your academic advisor to see if your grade classification is current.  Notify our office if there is a change made to your grade classification.

Student must accept/or decline award via PCSTAR

Graduate PLUS Loan

4 credit hours

Student must complete a Graduate PLUS loan application in order to receive these funds for Summer.

Accepted as a result of the student submitting the Graduate PLUS loan application at

Federal PLUS (Parent Loan)

6 credit hours (student)

Parent must complete a PLUS loan application in order to receive these funds for Summer.

Accepted as a result of the parent submitting the PLUS loan application at