One of the primary responsibilities of the Office of Equity and Diversity (OED) is to develop and deliver training programs pertaining to the University’s equal opportunity, equal access, affirmative action and anti-harassment policies and procedures for faculty, staff and students.  Some of the training programs OED has recently developed or participated in are described below.  In addition to the programs specifically mentioned, OED is prepared to develop customized training programs designed to meet your specific needs.  If you would like to discuss training options with OED staff, please contact us and we will work to meet your needs. 

Search and Screen Procedures

Search and screen training is provided to anyone conducting an employment search. It includes a detailed explanation of hiring procedures, search guidelines, advertising resources, affirmative action principles and employee underutilizations, if any.  OED staff meet with Search and Screen committees or with outside consultants to provide this training.   

Diversity and Inclusion

Part of OED’s mission is to drive behavioral change with the ultimate goal of creating a campus environment that is diverse, inclusive and open-minded.  OED supports various campus organizations, programs, and projects to achieve these goals.  Most recently, the office cooperated with the Multicultural Campus Council to produce an online Diversity and Inclusion Awareness Program, which is required training for staff, faculty and student workers.  

Sexual Harassment

Harassment in the workplace or the educational environment is unacceptable conduct and will not be tolerated.  OED develops and delivers comprehensive training programs that cover all types of harassment as well as tailored programs that focus on specific types of harassment, such as sexual harassment. OED’s training programs are designed to provide participants with an understanding of the types of behavior that constitute harassment and the steps that can be taken to prevent acts of harassment or to respond to harassment should it occur.

Disability Rights

Working in conjunction with other campus offices, OED develops training programs designed to help faculty, staff and students become aware of and understand the laws and University policies that protect the rights of students, faculty and staff who have disabilities.  These programs are customizable and can discuss how these protections apply in the classroom, on campus, online and/or in the workplace.

 Other training topics recently covered by OED include:

 The University’s Complaint Procedures

Civility in the Workplace

Title IX – Athletics

Statement of Integrity

Purdue University has a tradition of ethical conduct spanning its history. As faculty, students, staff, and administrators, we are a community of dedicated learners, scholars, professionals, and practitioners contributing our talents to uphold our standards. Our responsibilities and obligations extend to our nation and the world. This statement of integrity is meant to provide an overarching declaration that informs specific policies and procedures regarding conduct, enforcement, and accountability. Such policies and procedures either exist in official University documents or will be developed as necessary. The Statement of Integrity and Code of Conduct may be read online.