Licensing Paperwork Assistance

Links for the State of Indiana licensing:


The BNS school code for NCLEX is US48508000.

List of all Active Indiana NCLEX Program Codes

The telephone number for the Indiana State Board of Nursing is: (317) 234-2043.

The email address is:

State of Illinois licensing information can be obtained at If assistance is needed, direct your request (based upon your licensure method) to:

  • Licensure Methods Except Examination
    • 217/782-8556
  • Telecommunicative Device for the Deaf (TDD)
    • 217/524-6735

Please allow 3 weeks from mailing your application before making an inquiry concerning its status.

Examination Licensure Method Only


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The telephone number for the Illinois Exam assistance is (708) 354-9911. When an operator answers, state the profession for which you are applying and that you need assistance with your application.