Licensing Paperwork Assistance

Links for the State of Indiana licensing


The BNS school code for NCLEX is US48508000.

List of all Active Indiana NCLEX Program Codes

The telephone number for the Indiana State Board of Nursing is: (317) 234-2043.

The email address for the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency

State of Illinois licensing information can be obtained. If assistance is needed, direct your request (based upon your licensure method) to:

  • Licensure Methods Except Examination
    • 217/782-8556
  • Telecommunicative Device for the Deaf (TDD)
    • 217/524-6735

Please allow 3 weeks from mailing your application before making an inquiry concerning its status.

Examination Licensure Method Only


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The telephone number for the Illinois Exam assistance is (708) 354-9911. When an operator answers, state the profession for which you are applying and that you need assistance with your application.