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New Clinical Requirement

All College of Nursing clinical students are now required to carry Comprehensive Health Insurance due to Clinical Agency mandates.  Please upload your current health insurance card in the appropriate spot in your Medical Document Manager through Certified Background.

If you do not currently have health insurance coverage you will be required to purchase it in order to be in compliance with your assigned clinical agency.  Information is available at

If you have any questions regarding this requirement or any other clinical requirement please contact the program secretary, Kristine Kuether at 219-989-2814.

Any information you may need for a specific course can be located here. Please refer to this page often as it will be updated on a timely basis.

Spring 2016

NUR 18800 – Physical Assessment

NUR 19700 – Practicum I

NUR 28300 – Practicum II

NUR 28700 – Mental Health

NUR 31800 – Maternity

NUR 37200 – Pediatrics

NUR 39300 – Practicum III

NUR 48500 – Community Health