Computer Information

As a student in the nursing program, you will be required to use computer applications on a regular basis. These requirements and skills will be important, regardless of whether students take distance-learning courses or only take on-campus courses. All courses incorporate the computer into the learning process in some way. That process may be simply to write a paper. But more than likely, it will include a variety of computing activities like accessing learning materials from a web site, performing a search or communicating with the instructor and classmates electronically. Therefore, you must either own or have unlimited access to a personal computer while you are taking courses in the graduate program. The following is a checklist of minimum hardware and software requirements and computing skills that the graduate faculty and instructional design technology experts believe are necessary for our graduate students.

We understand that some students may not feel competent in all of the skills listed below or some may not understand what the software and hardware requirements mean. Many supports are available to you at Purdue Calumet to help you obtain these basic skills. These support include a one-hour course in basic computing skills that we recommend you take during your first term if you have little experience with computers or are anxious about using them. This course is taught by our instructional designer in the College of Nursing. Other support services include “the help desk” which is available by phone (219) 989-2888, the main computing lab with hardware, software and support staff available to all registered students and the “AT Lab” in the College of Nursing.

Required Hardware (these are minimums)

If you already have a computer:

  1.  Your computer should be no more than three years old
  2.  It should have at least 4 GBs of RAM
  3.  Windows 7 or higher operating system for a PC / OSX 10.7 or higher for a MAC
  4.  Have at least one USB port and WiFi
  5.  Sound card and speakers
  6.  High speed internet connection
  7.  250 GB or larger of storage (either internal, external or cloud)

Chromebooks are NOT recommended.

If you are purchasing a computer:

  1.  8 GBs of RAM or more
  2.  Have an i5 or greater/equivalent CPU
  3.  Windows 8.1 or OSX 10.7
  4.  An Ethernet port and WiFi
  5.  Sound card and speakers
  6.  High speed internet connection
  7.  500 GB or larger of storage (either internal, external or cloud)

Chromebooks are NOT recommended.

Required Software:

  • Microsoft Office (NOT MS Works)
  • Up to date Anti-Virus software for PCs

More than likely your browser comes with the following options activated. If not the following options need to be “on”:

Required Computer Skills

  • Keyboard and use a mouse
  • Basic windows functions (maximize, minimize, move windows)
  • Word processing
  • Create text
  • Cut, copy, paste
  • Manipulate fonts
  • Name, rename and save files to a variety of storage devices (floppy diskette, hard drive, zip disk)
  • Create tables
  • Insert an object
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation
  • Create directories/folders, manage files
  • Attach files, send e-mail
  • Use “help”
  • Install an application from CD-ROM
  • Access the Internet
  • Search the Internet
  • Identify the type of Internet source
  • Download a file/application
  • Install a downloaded application