Beth Vottero

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Beth Vottero

Beth A. Vottero Ph.D., RN, CNE

Assistant Professor of Nursing
CLO 388



PhD, Capella University

MSN, University of Phoenix

BSN, Valparaiso University

BSA, University of Maine

Professional Affiliations

  • American Nurses Association
  • Indiana State Nurses Association

Scholarship/Research Interests

My current research focus is investigating the effects of interruptions on medication safety. Both through identifying the effect of interruptions in the natural practice environment and by using 3-D immersive simulation, I hope to identify those interruptions that cause the nurse to make a medication error. I am invested in supporting nurses to provide safe, high quality, patient-centered care. Another aspect of my scholarship is conducting systematic reviews through the Indiana Center for Evidence Based Nursing Practice, a Joanna Briggs Collaborating Center.

Teaching Interests/Courses Taught

NUR 45100:  Nursing Informatics
NUR 48800:  Capstone Preparation
NUR 49800:  Capstone
Graduate: NUR 66200:  Teaching Strategies for Nurses
NUR 67100:  Nurse Executive Practicum I
NUR 67200:  Nurse Executive Practicum II

Selected Publications

Refereed Papers

Vottero, B. & Rittenmeyer, L. (2012, March 19). The meaning of being in protective/source isolation by hospitalized patients: A systematic review. JBI Library of Systematic Reviews, 10(16), pp. 935-976.

Vottero, B. (2013). Immersion in a root cause analysis. Article accepted for publication in Nursing Education Perspectives.

Book Chapters

Vottero, B. (2012). Chapter 14 Apply and Implement III: Nursing Systems of Evidence Implementation. In L. Hopp & L. Rittenmeyer (Eds.), Evidence Based Nursing Practice: From Fundamentals to Capstone. Philadelphia: F.A. Davis.

Moredich, C. & Vottero, B. (2012). Chapter 18: Evidence implementation to    Provide Safe Nursing Care to Laboring Women. In L. Hopp & L. Rittenmeyer (Eds.), Evidence Based Nursing Practice: From  Fundamentals to Capstone. Philadelphia: F.A. Davis.

Vottero, B. (2011).  Case studies to accompany text. In J. Zerwekh & A.Garneau (Eds.), Nursing Today: Transitions and Trends. 7th Ed. St. Louis: Elsevier.

Vottero, B. (2011). Chapter 9: E-Learning Assessment. In T. Bristol & J. Zerwekh (Eds.), Essentials of E-Learning for Nurse Educators. Philadelphia: F.A. Davis.

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Kelly, P., Vottero, B. & McCauliffe, C. (2013). Patient Safety and Quality of Care. Philadelphia: F.A. Davis.