Step #8: Tips on How to Succeed in Distance Education Courses

The final lesson contains tips on how you can succeed in distance education courses. Important characteristics of successful distance education students include being:

  • self directed
  • motivated
  • organized

Here are strategies that will help you be successful in completing your assignments on time and keep you motivated and on task:

  1. The online course takes a commitment on your part to attend class as designated by your instructor, and complete the required assignments. Depending on the course, plan to spend at least 3-9 hours per week on each course.
  2. Read and review the syllabus, assignments, and due dates frequently.
  3. Check into each course often, at least 3 times per week, communicate with your class discussion group and PARTICIPATE! If you let too many days go by without participating, it may become too difficult to catch up.
  4. Keeping up with the assignments and completing course work on time is extremely vital. Plot out all of your assignments and due dates on a calendar at the beginning of the course. Review your calendar often to keep yourself on task.
  5. Be open-minded about sharing your goals and educational experiences with your classmates. You are each other’s virtual community support system. Your words of wisdom can motivate a fellow classmate to success.
  6. Your instructor knows that you are enrolled and will probably attempt to “find” you to touch base if you are “missing” from class.
  7. Your instructor will post online office hours. Please contact them via e-mail or phone if you are having questions/concerns about the course.

The External Links section of this orientation has access to additional websites for building blocks to success.

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