Step #1: Browser Information

Netscape Navigator: When choosing the Course Project materials, you will see a dialog box appear. You will be given the option to “Open it” or “Save it to disk”. Opening the file will open it on your screen. Saving it to the disk will copy the file from this website to your computer. If you save the file, you will have to open it in Microsoft Word to be able to access the information and/or print.

Internet Explorer: When choosing the Course Project materials, the file will automatically open onto your screen.

For either browser: You may wish to print this information, and to do that, you can simply press the PRINT button in your browser’s toolbar. If you cannot locate the Print button on the toolbar, you can print the material by clicking once on the word FILE in the menu bar, followed by the word PRINT. Click the OK button, and your file should print.

AOL Users: The Purdue University Calumet system is not compatible with the AOL browser. It is recommended that you connect to the Internet in the normal fashion, then open either Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator and use one of those browsers to complete your Purdue University Calumet distance learning activities.

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