Step #9: A Note on Academic Integrity, Professional and Personal Conduct

Please respect ethical standards. Plagiarism and cheating and any other types of academic misconduct are not tolerated in the traditional classroom or virtual classroom. The College of Nursing abides by Purdue University Calumet regulations concerning Academic Integrity. You may contact the Dean of Student’s office at 219-989-2367 and request a copy of the University Student Handbook and the Purdue University pamphlet. You may also download the Purdue University pamphlet, Academic Integrity: Guide for Students.

In addition, the School of Nursing expects nursing students to adhere to the professional Code for Nurses as outlined in the ANA Code for Nursing. A summary of the Code for Nurses is located under the heading Program Dismissal in the Undergraduate Nursing Student Handbook.

Lastly, courtesy and respect is expected toward classmates, instructors and staff. Refrain from posting messages if you are frustrated or angry until you regain self-control.The Internet is public. Don’t electronically communicate what you don’t want made public! Because of the nature of the Internet, your comments may not be deleted or forgotten. Please click on the following website for proper “Netiquette” procedures: The Core Rules of Netiquette.

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