Payroll and Career Account Information

Contact: Jasmine Marquez, Senior Payroll Coordinator
Telephone: 989-2247
Location: SAB 1062


Monthly Pay Dates

2012-13 Academic Year

Start Date
End Date
# of Days Paydate
7/1/2012 7/31/2012 22*** 7/31/2012**
8/1/2012 8/31/2012 22*** 8/31/2012**
9/1/2012 9/30/2012 22 9/30/2012
10/1/2012 10/31/2012 22 10/30/2012
11/1/2012 11/30/2012 21 11/30/2012
12/1/2012 12/31/2012 23 12/30/2012
1/1/2013 1/31/2013 21 1/29/2013
2/1/2013 2/28/2013 20 2/26/2013
3/1/2013 3/31/2013 23 3/31/2013
4/1/2013 4/30/2013 22 4/30/2013
5/1/2013 5/31/2013 22*** 05/28/2013**
6/1/2013 6/30/2013 21*** 6/30/2013**

** Academic year staff who work during the summer will receive summer pay on the last working day of the month.
Summer pay will be included in regular pay for August and May if applicable.

*** August and May must have 22 days. To pay 1/18th of the annual salary in August and May the OnePurdue system pays 11 days out of 22 days (exactly 1/2 of monthly pay) for academic year staff. The period end date in August and May, the period start date in July and June, and the number of days in July and June may be adjusted to accommodate 22 days in August and May.

Contact the Payroll Coordinator with any questions or concerns regarding payroll issues.


Obtain Your Career Account Login

Go to the following URL and click on “advanced search”. In the Search Using section, select “Name” and then type in your last name in the field provided. In the Search For section, click on “faculty/staff”. In the Campus and Classification section select “Calumet” (leave department and school set to “all”) and click on “Search”. Scroll down for a listing of all possible matches to locate your summary info and click on the “more info” icon to the left. Scroll down to see your details. The field at the very top contains your Purdue University Career Account Login.

Obtain Your Career Account Password

Purdue Calumet employees can request their Career Account Password from PUC’s Customer Service Center. Call x2888 and tell them you need to know your Career Account Password. (You can also send an e-mail to the Customer Service Center). Provide the Customer Service Center with your Purdue University Career Account Login. The Customer Service Center will create a “service ticket” and notify Computer Operations of your request. Computer Operations will contact you via telephone within one business day. After verification of your identity, Computer Operations will reset your password and communicate your Career Account Password to you. Career account passwords will no longer be sent via e-mail.

Change your Career Account Password

Immediately change your Career Account Password – this will protect your vital personal information from being viewed by anyone else. Go to and click on the “Change Your Password” link located near the lower left portion of the page. Enter your Career Account Login in the “Login” field and your Career Account Password in the “Password” field and click on “Log In”. Select “Change Password” from the list of tools and enter your current password. Enter a new password and enter it again to verify. Password must be 8 characters and contain at least one number. Click on “Change Password”. (The screen should now read “Change password succeeded.”) Follow the instructions on the screen to provide answers to security questions. Close your web browser. It takes a few minutes for the password change to take effect.

Knowing your Purdue University Career Account Login and Password provides you access to:

  • OnePurdue applications such as Employee Self Service (pay statement)
  • OnePurdue web-based training
  • Locating your assigned PUID number
  • Updating your Purdue University directory information


To access your pay statement through Employee Self Service, please follow the instructions listed below:

Password in the “Password” field.

  • Click on “Log On”.
  • You can now view or print your current pay statement plus any previous pay statements.
  • When finished viewing your pay information, click on “Log Off” (upper right on the screen) and then click on “Yes” to confirm that you want to log off.
  • Close the Log On dialog box.

For questions related to your Career Account Login and Password, contact Customer Service Center at 989-2888. For questions related to Employee Self Service, PUID or OnePurdue training, contact Human Resources at 989-2251.

Summer Savings Program for Academic-Year Monthly Paid Faculty and Staff

General Information

The University understands the need for faculty and staff to manage their academic-year funds over the months when classes are not in session.  A Summer Savings Program has been designed to address the request for academic-year faculty and staff wishing assistance with cash flow management.

This program cannot guarantee a specific pay result or an exact payment in any particular month.  Deductions, tax withholdings, and pay changes are all factors in determining the amount of disbursement.

Program Eligibility

To maintain an efficient and consistent program, the following operational precepts will be used to administer this program.

1. Only faculty and staff on the academic-year payroll may participate.

2. Faculty or staff members must complete an enrollment form annually to participate in the program.

3. The enrollment form for the Summer Savings Program may be submitted for any academic year; however, the final acceptance date of the application is August 31st.  For new AY faculty and staff appointments that commence after the start of the academic year, the final acceptance date of the second semester program application is January 15th.

4. Once accepted, participation will continue through the entire 12 months starting with the September academic-year payroll and continuing through August of the next year.  For new faculty and staff participating in the second semester program, participation will continue from January through August.

5. Once enrolled, there are three ways to adjust or terminate participation in the program during the plan year.

a. The faculty or staff member submits and receives approval of a Change in Family Status Claim as defined by the university’s benefits program.  In this case, the faculty or staff member will work with the Payroll Office to determine what changes need to be made to the plan including, but not limited to, a complete refund of all withheld Summer Savings deductions and cancellation of the plan.

b. The faculty or staff member terminates employment with the university.  In this case, all withheld summer savings deductions will be paid out with the last payroll payment made to the faculty or staff member.

Conversion to a fiscal-year appointment or another pay classification (e.g., biweekly appointment) is a qualifying reason to terminate participation in the program.  Withheld summer savings deductions will be paid out to the faculty or staff member at the next pay date upon notification to the Payroll Office.
Program Process

1. Upon acceptance of the summer savings enrollment form, the Payroll Office will withhold a fixed amount selected by the faculty or staff member at the beginning of plan participation.  A post-tax deduction will be taken from each of the regularly scheduled payroll payments made from September through April.  For second semester program participants, the post-tax deduction will be taken from January through April.

2.  Based upon the accumulated balance of summer savings deductions, the Payroll Office will make four payments to pay out the entire balance to the faculty or staff member in the following proportions:

a.   May 16.66%

b.   June 33.34%

c.   July 33.34%

d.   August 16.66%

The form can be found on the Human Resources forms website located under Payroll/Timekeeping Forms.  The website is located at the following link:

Feel free to contact Human Resources at 219-989-2251 with questions regarding the Summer Savings Program.