Experiential Learning

Contact: Beth Pellicciotti, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Quality and Outreach
Janice Golub-Reynolds, Manager

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Location: LAWS 218

Experiential learning is a graduation requirement for students. Students will enroll in two experiential learning courses while completing their degree. Purdue University Calumet is recognized as a national leader in the field of experiential education and is one of a select few institutions to adopt this approach as a graduation requirement that complies with standards established by the National Society of Experiential Education (NSEE).

Experiential Learning graph
Standards of Practice for Experiential EducationCourses must meet these standards and be approved by the Faculty Senate to be designated as experiential learning.

1.  Intention
2.  Preparedness and Planning
3.  Authenticity
4.  Reflection
5.  Orientation and Training
6.  Monitoring and Continuous Improvement
7.  Assessment and Evaluation
8.  AcknowledgmentFor full descriptions, see www.nsee.org

While the majority of Purdue University Calumet students hold jobs and many will continue to pursue “traditional” internships as well, experiential learning courses must meet a set of measurable guidelines to fulfill the graduation requirement. An approval process overseen by the Faculty Senate will ensure uniformity of standards and a quality experience for all students.

The new graduation requirement will improve and broaden opportunities for faculty, along with your students, to apply research and learning in a particular field of study. Experiential learning will enhance the classroom experience with cutting edge research, business and technology initiatives. And our faculty has the opportunity to be part of a showcase experiential learning program, as the University is on the leading edge of this important area of development for the future of education.