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Calumet Campus Shop

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Book stack

The Calumet Campus Shop offers a variety of services. The main function of the shop is to supply textbooks and supplies necessary for University courses. Used books are acquired through a buy-back program, with the main buy at the end of each semester. At these times, students can sell back textbooks for up to 50% of their original price, if they are to be used the following semester.  Benefit-eligible employees receive a 20% discount on select merchandise and a 15% discount on textbooks. See bookstore staff for details.

We also offer a Textbook Rental Program. Faculty may visit to view the national title list.

Other departments of the bookstore include Microsoft software (offered at a discount rate for the university), general and reference books, valued priced books, greeting cards, glassware and ceramics, giftware, value priced clothing, backpacks, calculators, Graduation regalia and class rings.

The Calumet Campus Shop is also accessible via the internet at