Welcome from the Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost

This year is the third time that I have the pleasure to welcome new faculty and lecturers to Purdue University Calumet.  Yet, for me it feels like my first year – offering new challenges and opportunities.  I have the same expectations of myself as I have of each of you as we move forward to meet the challenges set forth in our strategic goals.  I respect your talents and knowledge.  I rely on you to bring fresh ideas and new perspectives to our academic community.  As we continue to develop in our roles as educators and scholars, I expect this year to be filled with discovery, achievements, collegiality, fulfillment and, hopefully, some fun.

We want nothing less than to provide our students with every advantage a higher education can offer.  I encourage you to challenge, engage, and educate our students.  I depend on your ability to lead, inspire and motivate to get your students to perform and achieve.  In this competitive global economy it is apparent that the advantages of a solid higher education offer the best opportunity for career success.  I urge you to let your students and colleagues see and hear your passion for the subjects you teach and discipline you love.   If you are passionate and excited about what you do, others will be, too. 

As you meet the challenge of educating our students, I encourage your commitment to your own personal and professional development.  Seek out opportunities in scholarship and research activities; present at conferences and publish in peer-reviewed publications.  Offer your services to the campus community and outside groups as you build beneficial collaborations.  We are challenged to engage with local employers to improve skills that will stimulate a much needed economic growth in our region. Reach out to your department heads, deans and senior faculty for support in your development. You can best accomplish your roles as educators if you continue to develop yourselves. 

I look forward to working with you as we embrace our goals and move forward to many productive years.