Do What You Are!

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As a part of our New Student Orientation program, we are all about making the right choices! Before you attend New Student Orientation, we urge you to complete the Do What You Are career-choice assessment so you can get an accurate understanding of your personality type and if you are headed in the right direction with your career choice! At New Student Orientation, we will hold a session explaining and interpreting the results of your assessment and what it means for you! Please see the message from our Career Services department below and start your career-choice assessment today! 

Do What You Are is considered to be Phase 1 in personality-type and career-choice assessment tools at PUC. CollegeScope’s Do What You Are® is an online program that provides a statistically-accurate representation of both a student’s personality type and attitudes toward career direction.

In order to complete the assessment you will have to create an account with CollegeScope. To do so,create an account by clicking the link below and complete the Do What You Are assessment. 

Upon completion of the assessment, please print your results and bring a copy to your orientation day!

Login to CollegeScope now!