New Student Orientation

Summer and Fall 2014 New Student Orientation registration has officially opened! Please complete the form below to submit your New Student Orientation registration request.

Group photo of new students at new student orientation on the lawn at Purdue Calumet

Please note that the online sign-up DOES NOT guarantee a spot for orientation. Upon registering online, our staff has to confirm your eligibility for attending orientation. Issues with eligibility include but are not limited to:

  • Student has not received acceptance letter from Purdue University Calumet and admittance is not complete
  • Student was denied admission to Purdue University Calumet

If our staff encounters an issue with eligibility for attending New Student Orientation, a phone call will be made to the phone number given by the student to inform the student of the situation. The students’ registration for New Student Orientation is then put on hold until the situation is resolve. If you have any questions regarding New Student Orientation and our processes please feel free to contact our office at 219-989-4160 or 219-989-2358 for more information.

If you have a documented disability and need accommodations, please click here to learn more if you have a documented disability and need accommodations.

**Please Note**

In order to fully prepare for each New Student Orientation session, every session is closed down 48 hours prior to each scheduled New Student Orientation. Please register for you New Student Orientation as soon as possible!


What type of student are you?

  • Beginner Student – First year college student who has not previously attended Purdue University Calumet or any additional universities.
  • Transfer Student - Students who have taken college coursework at a previous institution.
  • Re-Admitted Student - Students who have been re-admitted into the university via the Office of the Dean of Students
  • Re-Entry Student - Students who have previously taken coursework at Purdue University Calumet.