Frequently Asked Questions



Who should attend New Student Orientation?

Do I have to attend?
New Student Orientation is mandatory for the following students to attend:

  • First Time College Students
  • Transfer Students
  • Re-Admitted Students
  • Re-Entry Students (Students who have not attended courses at Purdue University Calumet for 2 or more years)

I am a Non-Degree Seeking student. Do I have to attend New Student Orientation?
New Student Orientation is only for Degree seeking students. Non-Degree and Certificate seeking students do not have to attend New Student Orientation.

I am an International Student. Do I have to attend New Student Orientation? 
International Students participate in a seperate New International Student Orientation. For more information, please visit the following link: 

I am an Online Nursing student. Do I have to attend New Student Orientation?
If you are admitted into the Online RN/BS Completion Partnership Program, you do not have to attend New Student Orientation. For more information regarding online Nursing orientation, please visit the following link:

I used to go there a couple of years ago and know all about the campus. Do I still have to come?
The campus and some of the processes may have changed since you last attended, so we encourage you to come and meet some new friendly faces as you become reacquainted with Purdue Calumet.

Why do I have to attend New Student Orientation?
New Student Orientation is your opportunity to receive an academic overview of your program, learn to access your computer account, meet other students, and ask any important questions you may have before classes start.

I am still in high school and taking classes here. Do I need to attend New Student Orientation?
You do not need to attend New Student Orientation at this time. If you plan on attending PUC after you graduate from high school you will have to attend New Student Orientation at that time.


How to Register for New Student Orientation

You must register in advance. No walk-ins will be accepted. No exceptions.

You may call to register at (219) 989-2358  


You can register online on our Registration Page.


Placement Testing

ALEKS Math Placement Exam

Math Placement testing is mandatory prior to registering for New Student Orientation. The Testing Services Center is located on campus in the Lawshe building, Room 118. The test may be taken in person or online.

Students may take the test in person on a walk in basis. Remember to bring your student ID number which is found on your acceptance letter and a photo ID when you come to take the test. For the testing hours please visit the Testing Center for more information about the ALEKS Placement Exam.


Who can attend New Student Orientation?

Yes, you may bring two guests if you wish. Just remember to mark that on the New Student Orientation Online reservation form.

Can I bring my children?
New Student Orientation is a session that focuses on you, the student. We would like to prepare you for the journey ahead. We realize that at certain times you may not be able to arrange for childcare. We ask that if at all possible you arrange for childcare while you attend New Student Orientation so that you may fully concentrate on the information presented. If children are present at New Student Orientation they will be expected to sit quietly through the entire day’s worth of sessions. We have no activities planned for children nor do we have childcare facilities available for parent use during New Student Orientation. Keep in mind that we will have many new students attending New Student Orientation and some may find children distracting.


Disability & Special Needs

What if I have a disability or special needs? Who can I contact on campus to work with my needs?
You should contact the Office of Disability Resources.  She is located in SUL 341. The telephone number (219) 989 – 2455


Day of Orientation

What time do I need to arrive?
Daytime orientations start promptly at 8:00 AM.  Evening orientations start promptly at 4pm. We ask you to arrive 10-15 minutes before your orientation begins so we can start the day on time. Note that walk-ins are not permitted and students who arrive late will be rescheduled.

Where is Orientation Held?
Upon your arrival the day of your orientation,  we ask you to sign in at the Student Union and Library Building (SUL).


Directions to the student Union and Library Building

From the west…by traveling east on Interstate 80/94 to Indianapolis Boulevard; exit north and proceed one-third mile to 173rd Street or 1.3 miles to 169th Street; turn right/east and proceed three blocks to campus.

From the east…by traveling west on Interstate 80/94 to Kennedy Avenue; exit north and proceed one-third mile to 173rd Street or 1.3 miles to 169th Street; turn left/west and proceed approximately 3/4-mile to campus.

From the north side (Chicago area)… by traveling south on Toll Road 294 to Interstate 80/94; proceed east and follow directions “from the west.” OR, south on Interstate 94 through Chicago to Interstate 90 (Chicago Skyway); proceed south to Indianapolis Blvd/US41; continue southeast on Indianapolis Blvd approximately 8 miles to 169th or 173rd Streets; turn left/east and proceed three blocks to campus.

From the south…by traveling north on Interstate 65 to Interstate 80/94; proceed west to Kennedy Avenue; exit north and follow directions “from the east.” OR, north on Highway U.S. 41/Indianapolis Boulevard to 173rd Street or 169th Street; turn right/east and proceed three blocks to campus.

Where can I park for New Student Orientation?
Sign-in for New Student Orientation is in the Student Union Library Building (SUL). We recommend parking in the lot north off of 173rd Street in front of the Student Union Library Building.


FAQ by New Students

Why do I need to see my advisor?
When you meet with your advisor you will select and sign up for your classes you will take for the upcoming semester. Your advisor will guide you to take the classes you need to make sure you stay on your plan for success.  Your advisor will mark the classes on a bingo sheet.

Do I receive a parking pass?
We do not issue parking permits. A parking fee is charged to all students in their tuition for the entire semester.

Where can I pick up my student ID?
You can pick up your student ID in the Student Activities office located in Student Union Library Building 104 B. In order to receive your ID we will need your current semester schedule and a photo ID (license, state ID).