Achieving & Succeeding: Jessica Oxford

Jessica Oxford

Achieving & Succeeding No transfer credits, no problem for this Purdue Calumet hospitality alumna After bouncing around from major to major at a downstate university for two and a half years without a career objective, and then stepping away from her college education for more than a year, Jessica Oxford arrived at Purdue University Calumet…
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Achieving & Succeeding – Brandon Rukes

Brandon Rukes

Recent Griffith graduate epitomizes student success at Purdue Calumet One, unassuming phone call from a professor sealed the deal for Brandon Rukes and his decision to attend Purdue University Calumet.

Achieving & Succeeding – Andrew Jackura

Andrew Jackura

Unexpected experience pays dividends for Purdue Calumet Highland graduate It’s been said that one college class can change a person’s life. That idiom seems to have introduced a passion and career path for recent Purdue University Calumet spring graduate Andrew Jackura.

Class of 2013 graduation snippets

Among those graduating from Purdue University Calumet Sunday (5/19) are . . . Construction management and engineering technologies student Brianne Slick. For her senior project, the 25-year-old Merrillville resident developed sanctuary restoration plans, including anticipated refurbishing costs, for the once majestic downtown City Methodist Church of Gary after the church had been abandoned nearly four…
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Graduation Feature – Brianne

Brianne Slick

Purdue Calumet / Merrillville construction senior focuses on restoring Gary church The prospect of restoring Gary’s once majestic downtown City Methodist Church after nearly four decades of neglect may seem highly unlikely.