1,486 Purdue University Calumet Students Earn Dean’s List Honors

Some 1,436 Purdue University Calumet undergraduate students qualified for the university’s 2014 spring semester Dean’s List for outstanding academic achievement.

Students who have completed 12 credit hours, including at least six during the spring semester, qualified for Dean’s List recognition by sustaining an overall grade point average of at least 3.5 and a semester grade point average of at least 3.0 (4.0 scale).

The spring semester Dean’s List consists of 959 Indiana students from 76 communities, 439 Illinois students from 156 communities, six students each from Michigan and California, five from Colorado, four from Virginia, three each from Florida and Wisconsin, two from New York, and one each from Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, New Mexico, South Carolina and Washington.

Below is a comprehensive Dean’s List, offered alphabetically by student’s last name.

Part of the Purdue University system, Purdue University Calumet is a comprehensive regional university of more than 9,000 students. It is located in the northwest Indiana city of Hammond, 20 miles southeast of Chicago. Purdue Calumet offers baccalaureate and master’s degree programs in more than 50 programs of study, including traditional Purdue academic strengths of engineering; technologies; the sciences; liberal arts; and professional fields of nursing, business, education and hospitality.

Abraham, Tammy Kaye Olson Chicago, IL
Abuelizam, Raed Schererville, IN
Acevez, Saylor Highland, IN
Adams, Brittney K Lafayette, IN
Addison, Ashlee Ann Marie Lake Village, IN
Adebiyi, Florence Obayomi Washington Chicago, IL
Adesanya, Helen Chicago, IL
Adsit, Julie Crown Point, IN
Afriyie-Bonsu, Amma Serwaa Park Forest, IL
Aguilar, Tetley Skokie, IL
Aguilera, Amanda Lynn Hammond, IN
Akisanya, Adedapo Ajibade Merrillville, IN
Al Dobouni, Ahmed Mudher Ismail Hammond, IN
Al Dobouni, Mariam Mudher Ismail Hammond, IN
Al Herz, Rahma Ali Hammond, IN
Al Kad, Ahmad Mohammad Hammond, IN
Al Saleel, Sadiq Yousef Hammond, IN
Alali, Qasem Abdulmajeed Hammond, IN
Alba, Francisco Bolingbrook, IL
Albahrani, Mohammed Yaseen Munster, IN
Albert, Mariah Lynn Springfield, IL
Albright, Michelle N Ager Valparaiso, IN
Alburei, Pamela Lynn Hanson Tinley Park, IL
Alcantar, LaJenne Volci? Merrillville, IN
Aldhayyan, Mohammed Saad Hammond, IN
Alfarhan, Taibah Naif Hammond, IN
Alfarhan, Yahya Naif Hammond, IN
Alger, James Andrew Lake Station, IN
Alghareeb, Mohammed Yousef Hammond, IN
Alhassan, Amal Hashim Hammond, IN
Alhawsawi, Abdulrahman Ibrahim Hammond, IN
Alhusseini, Mohammad Orland Park, IL
Alibrahim, Hassan Abdullah Hammond, IN
Aljar, Reem Salman Boulder, CO
Aljubara, Ahmad Baqer Hammond, IN
Alkharshat, Faisal Ali Munster, IN
Alkhater, Rashed Hassan Munster, IN
Allen, Sarah Erin Hammond, IN
Allen, Stacy Nicole Cappoli Lafayette, IN
Allman, David Karl Naperville, IL
Almalki, Rayan Saeed Munster, IN
Almarri, Rashed Mohammed A Hammond, IN
Almendarez, Alejandra M East Chicago, IN
Almiladi, Eamann Evergreen Park, IL
Alnassar, Nassar Abdullah Munster, IN
Alosaimi, Abdulaziz Khalid Hammond, IN
Alotaibi, Assem Nasser Munster, IN
Alotaibi, Hazem M Munster, IN
Alotaibi, Sultan Abdullah Hammond, IN
Alqahtani, Nasser Thaar Crown Point, IN
Alramadhan, Zainab Yousef Highland, IN
Alromiah, Ali Hussain Hammond, IN
Alrumeih, Saleh Ali Hammond, IN
Alsadah, Ali Ahmed Hammond, IN
Alsalamin, Fatimah Ali Hammond, IN
Alsalem, Zahra Ali Hammond, IN
Alsawaf, Hassan Ali Hammond, IN
Alshakhal, Zaynab Mohammed Hammond, IN
Alshawi, Mohammed Abdullah Hammond, IN
Alshawy, Genan Abdullah Hammond, IN
Alvarado, Guadalupe Munster, IN
Alvarado, Lorena Munster, IN
Alvarez, Bianca Hammond, IN
Alvarez, Jaime Ulises Calumet City, IL
Alvarez, Jose Francisco East Chicago, IN
Aminov, Parvizsho San Jose, CA
Amor, Hannah Louise Plymouth, IN
Anderson, Ryan M Catlin, IL
Anderson, William Francis Momence, IL
Andrzejewski, Chiara Picicci Dyer, IN
Anton, Angela Berinde Chicago, IL
Arbuckle, Bethany Lance Winslow, IN
Arce, Kayla M Hammond, IN
Arias, Maira A Hammond, IN
Armstrong, Allison M Homewood, IL
Arseneault-Wartman, Jonna Marie Crown Point, IN
Ashley, Jaclyn Ann Munster, IN
Austin, Andrea G Munster, IN
Avans, Lauren Nicole Hebron, IN
Avila Rosales, Brenda B Crown Point, IN
Avila, John Munster, IN
Ayala, Edgar Whiting, IN
Babula, Karen Orobia Arlington Heights, IL
Bachis, Gabrielle Beecher, IL
Bachmann, Deborah L Hammond, IN
Baessler, Jenica Larie Jansma Merrillville, IN
Baez, Selina Hammond, IN
Baggett, Mary Elizabeth Munster, IN
Bahia, Lucas Hammond, IN
Bahonsua, Loralyn Dequilla Chicago, IL
Bahus, William Alexander Hammond, IN
Bailey, Joshua D Hammond, IN
Baker, Danielle Yvonne Dyer, IN
Baker, Julie Elizabeth McHenry, IL
Baker, Sara Catherine Munster, IN
Bakker, Michael R Schererville, IN
Bales, Janice Louise Crown Point, IN
Balon, Mary Kathryn Munster, IN
Balthis, Mariyah Faith St John, IN
Baltrushaitis, Lauren C Hobart, IN
Banerji, Leena Libertyville, IL
Banka, Lindsey R Munster, IN
Barai, Amita Munster, IN
Barajas, Stacy Johnson Novak Highland, IN
Baratta, Diane Karen Villa Park, IL
Barkauski, Paul D New Lenox, IL
Barker, Tiffany C St John, IN
Barkley, Jessica Lyn Bounds Carlinville, IL
Barnard, Sandra Alicia Villanueva Lake Station, IN
Barnes, Amanda L Crown Point, IN
Barnes, Forres Mackay Villa Park, IL
Barnes, Lea Jo Anderson South Whitley, IN
Barnes, Tiffany Nicole Lansing, IL
Barnhart-Lackey, Laura Wilson Evansville, IN
Barrera, Jason D Lansing, IL
Barringer, Anthony Edwin Crown Point, IN
Barsic, Elizabeth A Schererville, IN
Barth, Cara Leigh Wauconda, IL
Batres, Samantha J Crown Point, IN
Bauman, Margaret Erika Knutsen Hammond, IN
Bautista, Phinky Lynn Chicago, IL
Bechtel, Heather Marie Baker Crystal Lake, IL
Beck, Kelli Griffith, IN
Becker, Karen Lynn Mundelein, IL
Becker, Sarah Jaye Valparaiso, IN
Behen, Tamara Sue Wiley Spencer, IN
Beison, Megan Kucsera Crown Point, IN
Belkadi, Myriem Hammond, IN
Bell, Marissa D Cedar Lake, IN
Benedict, Daniel Robert Dyer, IN
Benirschke, David J Schererville, IN
Benne, Stephanie Marie Whiting, IN
Benninghoff Jr, Michael Ernest Hammond, IN
Berg, Janel Lea Bonfield, IL
Bergin, Timothy Joesph Chicago Heights, IL
Bergman, Jessica Palatine, IL
Bergsneider, Melissa Hammond, IN
Bernard, Tony Louis Durango, CO
Bernardo, Desiree Pacis Port Barrington, IL
Berry, Colleen Anne Chicago, IL
Biancardi, Elizabeth Vera Griffith, IN
Biancardi, Nicholas D Griffith, IN
Bianchi, Ashlee Kaitlynn Lake In The Hills, IL
Bielawski, Brian D St John, IN
Bilter, Margo Marie Aurora, IL
Birdsall, Dina Colona, IL
Bishop, Carrie Anne Park Monticello, IN
Bishop, Erika S Crown Point, IN
Bishop, Sharelle East Chicago, IN
Bitzivis, Theodoros Valparaiso, IN
Bjorklund, Matthew S Schererville, IN
Blachuciak, Kimberly Rita Rehor Roselle, IL
Blakeley, Nicole Gonzalez Munster, IN
Bly, Jeremiah D Joliet, IL
Boatman, Casey Schererville, IN
Bobic, Tatjana Schererville, IN
Bobos, Nicole Marie Whiting, IN
Bogard, Timothy Wayne Allendale, IL
Bojczuk, John Dyer, IN
Bondi, Abigail E Whiting, IN
Bonner, Candace R Hammond, IN
Boren, Jason Andrew Indianapolis, IN
Borges de Assis, Carlos Alberto Hammond, IN
Borgman, Tyler R Lafayette, IN
Born, Summer L Highland, IN
Bowen, Mat McEntee Catlin, IL
Bowman, Jennifer L Hubbard Naperville, IL
Boyle, Stephanie Lemont, IL
Brack, Brittney Nicole Crown Point, IN
Bradley, Irene Rose Cedar Lake, IN
Brand, Sharon Suzanne Snyder Wheaton, IL
Brandon, Kaylee M Munster, IN
Braun, Teresa Michelle Elliot Fort Wayne, IN
Brencans, Kaspars Greenwood, IN
Brinkley, Brooke L Griffith, IN
Brinkley, Kier E Griffith, IN
Broderick, Brianne Elizabeth New Lenox, IL
Brokop, Kaitlyn Ashley Dyer, IN
Broniek, Karolina Schererville, IN
Brown, Diane Lynn Dyer, IN
Brown, Erin Munster, IN
Brown, Leah M Hammond, IN
Browning, Elizabeth Ann Frederick Bolingbrook, IL
Brueningsen, Erica Nicole Jupiter, FL
Bruinsma, Caitlyn M Beecher, IL
Brunetti, Lauren E Saint John, IN
Brusak, Patricia Ann Salerno Naperville, IL
Buchaus, Shelley Hobart, IN
Buchholz, Kara Ann Griffith, IN
Budlove, Cecilia Lynn Crown Point, IN
Budvitis, Amy Bohn Sandwich, IL
Buffington, Natalie M Velasquez Schererville, IN
Builta, Stephen Michael Munster, IN
Bunch, Jessica Lee Hobart, IN
Burger, Lisa Vlazney Elgin, IL
BurgetVroegh, Danielle Jean Burgett St John, IN
Burian, Julie Baker Portage, IN
Burkeen, Jaime Michelle Lansing, IL
Burrola, Ricardo Antonio Columbus, IN
Busch, Anthony S Lake Village, IN
Busche, Sharon Thompson Hampshire, IL
Busekros, Kyle Christian Lowell, IN
Bustos, Belen Samai Hammond, IN
Butler, Amanda Lynn East Chicago, IN
Byers, Leslie Patrice Dolton, IL
Bykerk, Angela Lynn Demotte, IN
Byrne, Jean Marie Underwood Tinley Park, IL
Byrne, Marybeth Chicago, IL
Bzdyl, Natalie R St John, IN
Cadayona, Joseph Homer Glen, IL
Cadenhead, Frances Louise-Bland East Chicago, IN
Cagas, Krys Elan Alivio Round Lake Beach, IL
Cain, Alexis N Crown Point, IN
Camacho, Karen Subia Skokie, IL
Campos, Jacqueline Craft Merrillville, IN
Candlish, Karen Michelle Ramsey Richmond, IN
Canuto, Melissa Hammond, IN
Carajohn, Lady Arwood Williams Peotone, IL
Cardin, Heather Beth Crown Point, IN
Cardwell, Geoffrey Thomas Hammond, IN
Carlson, Jennifer Byron, IL
Carrasquillo, Celina Maria Valparaiso, IN
Carrasquillo, Juan C Valparaiso, IN
Carrillo, Victoria V Whiting, IN
Carroll, Cynthia Schererville, IN
Carroll, Linda Rozhon Plainfield, IL
Carter, Pauthena Merrillville, IN
Carter, Stacy Lynn Huntingburg, IN
Carter, Victoria Lynn Hammond, IN
Casey, Patricia Ann Munster, IN
Castaneda, Miguel East Chicago, IN
Castillo, Jennifer Monee, IL
Castle, Courtney Nicole Hammond, IN
Ceja, Rachel Ann Griffith, IN
Celis, Francisco J East Chicago, IN
Centeno, Aida Liann Portage, IN
Chambers, Richard David Hammond, IN
Chattin, Rachel Washington, IN
Chavarria, Ricardo Melrose Park, IL
Chavez, John C Ortiz Hammond, IN
Chen, Guanzhong Munster, IN
Chen, Xia Hammond, IN
Chhe, Christina Warrenville, IL
Chiang, Savanna Ann Valparaiso, IN
Childers, Traci Jean Broz Dyer, IN
Childress, Steven Michael Chicago Heights, IL
Chilicki, David James Libertyville, IL
Chinbat, Norovsuren Hammond, IN
Christensen, Brooke Avery Highland, IN
Christenson, Cassondra S Griffith, IN
Chudy-Miskovic, Amy Chudy Hickory Hills, IL
Chui, Ka Hay Carly Hammond, IN
Ciarrocchi, Alaina Gabriella St John, IN
Cichocki, Nicole Renee Hammond, IN
Cichon, Apryl Christina Highland, IN
Cidreiro Martins, Pedro Henrique Wilmington, DE
Cierniak, Rebeca Elizabeth Crown Point, IN
Ciric, Strahinja Highland, IN
Clark, Amanda Michelle Dyer, IN
Clark, Dawn Eliese Bennett Dwight, IL
Cleofe, Laura A Stemple Tinley Park, IL
Cobb, Kimberly Sue Staeven Hammond, IN
Cochrane Jr, Daniel Gary, IN
Colbert, Kimberly Ann Vina Alsip, IL
Coleman, Theresa Chicago, IL
Collom, Katelyn Anne Lowell, IN
Colon, Christina Chicago, IL
Conklin, Marsha Joy Saint John, IN
Conlon, Adam D Chicago, IL
Connors, Roxanne Boone Rios Harvard, IL
Conroy, Mark Daniel Manhattan, IL
Cook, Ann Marie Kuypers Chicago, IL
Cook, Stephanie Ann Parker, CO
Cooper, Adam Howard Munster, IN
Cord, Caleb R Catlin, IL
Cortez, Daisy East Chicago, IN
Costalunga, Matthew Crete, IL
Covarrubias, Miguel A Hammond, IN
Cowart, Lloyd Benjamin East Chicago, IN
Cox, Renee Michelle Highland, IN
Cox, Samantha Marie St John, IN
Critchfield, Jeremy Robert Crown Point, IN
Crites, Katie Lakemoor, IL
Croft, Stephanie S Quigg Demotte, IN
Cubillos, Daniel F Hammond, IN
Cunningham, Aaron P Munster, IN
Cunningham, Laurie Chicago, IL
Cunningham, Lyndsey M Portage, IN
Cunningham, Nikole S West Lafayette, IN
Curletti, Deanna Marie Moran Munster, IN
Cutlip, Robyn Michelle Valparaiso, IN
Cyprian, Eric Hobart, IN
Cyrkiel, Caitlin Suzanne Homewood, IL
Czerwinski, Jessica A Crown Point, IN
Czerwinski, Julia B Crown Point, IN
D Araujo Nogueira, Levi Hammond, IN
Dahlberg, Kelly Marie Libertyville, IL
Daker, Amber R Lansing, IL
Dalessandro, Peter J Schererville, IN
Damarjian, Clara W Crown Point, IN
Dang, Chau Dyer, IN
Danicic, Branka Highland, IN
Dann, Cheryl F Chicago, IL
Dante Chiaroni, Bruno Hammond, IN
Darrough, Michael Russell Delhi, LA
Davalos, Fanny Zaret Highland, IN
Davison, Kristina E Aurora, IL
Daw, Tyler Michael Calumet City, IL
De Assis Ferraz, Julia Hammond, IN
De Boer, Abigail Marie Schererville, IN
De Goey, Daniel Anthony Crown Point, IN
De Leon, Amanda Ruck Whiting, IN
De Oliveira, Clayton Jose Hammond, IN
De Rolf, James W Dyer, IN
Deane, Brenda Riordan Chicago, IL
Deatherage, Marina Stach Fox Lake, IL
Deboer, Sydney R Munster, IN
Decker, John C Dyer, IN
Dedic, Kathlene Larson Crown Point, IN
Deerwester, Toni De Beneditto Lake Village, IN
Del Cura, Jose Ignacio Westchester, IL
Del Toro, Sarah Wandy Lupe Griffith, IN
Delgado, Catherine Griffith, IN
Denczek, Andrea Erika Evanston, IL
Dengler, Tracy Palmer Oak Lawn, IL
Deno, Cassidy Anne Otterbein, IN
DePlanty, Gayle Lynn Valparaiso, IN
Desalgne, Miteku Chicago, IL
Devries, Jenelle L Schererville, IN
Di Pasquo, Gina Carbondale, CO
Dieguez, Jaquelyn A Hammond, IN
Dieguez, Kateryna S Hammond, IN
Diehl, JoLinda Marie Haugh Schererville, IN
Diewald, Pamela Heath Bolingbrook, IL
DiGiacomo, Nicole Leeann Cedar Lake, IN
Dignin, Karen Barrett Merrillville, IN
Dinh, Thy T Highland, IN
Ditter, Tamara Marie Poplawski Evergreen Park, IL
Dobros, Magdalena Kazimiera Chicago, IL
Dodd, Myles Lawrence Lake Village, IN
Dominguez, Cynthia Plainfield, IL
Donevska, Miroslava Chicago, IL
Dong, Sichen Hammond, IN
Donoho, Patricia Shiarla Cottageville, SC
Dornick, Lisa L Muncie, IN
Dorsey, Marie Starling Compere Chicago, IL
Douglass, Ashley Nicole Gary, IN
Douglass, Michael Merrillville, IN
Dowling, Michael Arie Lowell, IN
Doyle, Joseph Aloysius Crown Point, IN
Drach, Natalie Renee Lake Station, IN
Draine, Paris South Holland, IL
Drzich, Dustin Michael Hammond, IN
Dublak, Natalie Jo Munster, IN
Dubrick, Kalen Michael Hebron, IN
Dudman, Jaclyn Anne Sanek Lockport, IL
Dumas, Whitney J Hammond, IN
Dumlao, Rafael Arlington Heights, IL
Dunsmore, Chandra Leigh Smith Montgomery, IL
Durante, Marianna Elizabeth Zerillo Norridge, IL
Dutton, Jacob A Crown Point, IN
Dwyer, Mary Therese Geneva, IL
Dykhuizen, Peter Gerard Plainfield, IL
Dykstra, Katelyn Lynwood, IL
Earley, William L Dyer, IN
Easterling, Wendy Marie Finfrock Fort Drum, NY
Ebel, Shawn A Munster, IN
Ebert, Lucille Crown Point, IN
Egan, Margaret Ellen Coyle Orland Park, IL
Egbert, Kristin DiSabato Joliet, IL
Eller, Quinci Maree Bringhurst, IN
Elliott-Felton, Julia Faye Bloomington, IN
Ellison, Lacey Sue Barbara Lowell, IN
Elsamad, Jessica Nicole Ritter Griffith, IN
Emond, Jeffrey Douglas Schererville, IN
Enger, Mathieu Frank Munster, IN
Engle, Alison R Munster, IN
Ensign, Christopher Burke Plainfield, IL
Eriks, Michelle Elise Cedar Lake, IN
Erler, Julia Catherine Crown Point, IN
Errihani, Agnes Schererville, IN
Espitia, Luis East Chicago, IN
Estes, Jill Renee Lake Village, IN
Eurglunes, Cheri Ann Walker Greenwood, IN
Evans, Nina Marie Gary, IN
Falcao, Renata Chicago, IL
Farley, Maria Kostaskis Indianapolis, IN
Fathauer, Garron Alan Hammond, IN
Fathauer, Nathan Benjamin Hammond, IN
Felder, Michael Charles Lowell, IN
Feldman, Caroline Theresa Booher Des Plaines, IL
Feldman, Noah Stephen Schererville, IN
Feliciano, Bradley Mead Elgin, IL
Felson, Eric Joseph Rochester, MN
Felton, Rachel Sinisi Griffith, IN
Fidanza, Gabriele Arlington Heights, IL
Fidler, Zachary B Crown Point, IN
Fiedler, Colleen Marie Lemont, IL
Fields, Sabrina Chicago, IL
Figurski, Anna L East Chicago, IN
Finkle, Scott A Schaumburg, IL
Finley, Evan N Lowell, IN
Finley, Jillian R Lowell, IN
Fisher, David Edward Merrillville, IN
Fisher, Demetrius Merril Hammond, IN
Fitzgerald, Melissa N St John, IN
Flagg, Lindsey Joreen Crown Point, IN
Floramo, Joseph Salvatore Midlothian, IL
Flores, Andi Merrillville, IN
Flores, Ashley M East Chicago, IN
Flores, Valerie Saint John, IN
Florin, John R Gary, IN
Floyd, Croshana Nichelle Chicago, IL
Fluder, Ryan Joseph Homer Glen, IL
Forrest, Sarah Lynn New Lenox, IL
Fossa, Katrina Ileen Mallery Mystic, CT
Foster, Austin M Crown Point, IN
Fowler, Levi M Lowell, IN
Fox, Teresa Ann Kuemmeth Calumet City, IL
Fraley, Carin Sharp Crown Point, IN
Frame, Jacob Raymond Cedar Lake, IN
Francis, Stacey M Waldrop Crown Point, IN
Frank, Kari Renee Unger Spencer, IN
Franklin, Sarah Lake Station, IN
Frazee, Thomas Edward Rushville, IN
Freeland, Matt T Hammond, IN
Freeman, John Lee Highland, IN
Freitag, Alexander Michael Highland, IN
Frey, Duncan E Tinley Park, IL
Frias Kaehler, Patricia Pinheiro Chicago, IL
Frickel, Sherri J Hammond, IN
Fromin, Jonathan D Michigan City, IN
Fuerst, Allison J Wolford Portage, IN
Fuller, Jill Marie Wittwer Hinsdale, IL
Fuller, Melinda Lamprecht Crown Point, IN
Fusinato, Leslie M Spring Valley, IL
Gabany, Bridgette Annette Wasser Winchester, VA
Gaden, Deborah Kodyra Mt Prospect, IL
Gaiser, Amanda A Haig Lowell, IN
Galbreath, Michelle Anderson Peotone, IL
Gallardo Carrion, Oscar Paul Hammond, IN
Gallegos, Gabriella Portage, IN
Galvan, Jennifer Marie Sandwich, IL
Gamboa, Steven M Valparaiso, IN
Gaona, Juan M Dyer, IN
Garcha, Satinder K Bartlett, IL
Garcia, Carlo DeLaRosa Hammond, IN
Garcia, Jacqueline Wilde Munster, IN
Garcia, Lana M Hammond, IN
Garcia, Victor Whiting, IN
Garcia, Victoria Alsip, IL
Gard, Lucas Charles Hobart, IN
Garg, Sadhana Irvine, CA
Garibay, Anyssa M Highland, IN
Garner, Haley Nicole Kankakee, IL
Garrard, Cassie Marie Crown Point, IN
Garrison, James A Demotte, IN
Garver, Ricki Lynn Muffley Elkhart, IN
Garza, Ashley Jessica Calumet City, IL
Garza, Jennifer Hernandez Hammond, IN
Garza, Marina South Holland, IL
Gass, Kimberly Ann Riecke Moline, IL
Gatobu, Jill Suzanne Graupman Staunton, VA
Geisheimer, Sarah Reese Dyer, IN
Genevicius, Audra Palos Park, IL
Gerwig, Samantha Ann Alsip, IL
Giannini, Dante’ Thomas Schererville, IN
Gilboy, Karen Doyle Plainfield, IL
Giles, Jake Brandon Dyer, IN
Gill, Courtney Alexis Gora Highland, IN
Gill, Kevin Thomas Merrillville, IN
Ginder, Jamie S Miller Carmel, IN
Giordano, Cheryl A Highland, IN
Girardot, Lindsey Marie Gump Fort Wayne, IN
Glaze, Danielle Joy Vermeulen Cedar Lake, IN
Gobin Cosillo, Mia Wheaton, IL
Goeke, Alysa K Burr Ridge, IL
Golijanin, Nikola Dyer, IN
Gomez, Jacqueline M Hobart, IN
Gomrass, Abdullah Khalid Hammond, IN
Gonzalez, Dejon M Merrillville, IN
Gonzalez, Gabriella Lake Station, IN
Gonzalez, Jessica Whiting, IN
Gonzalez, Jovanny Luis Sanchez Portage, IN
Gonzalez, Kristine Hammond, IN
Gonzalez-Jimenez, Concepcion Tinley Park, IL
Goode, Greg Paul Tinley Park, IL
Gorby, Richard D Lowell, IN
Gordon, Chris M Baum Highland, IN
Gorton, Erica Marie St John, IN
Gosk, Karol Highland, IN
Gossett, Shardai A Gary, IN
Gould, Jill Suzanne Plainfield, IL
Graben, Kyle F Palos Park, IL
Grabowski, John R Streamwood, IL
Grandolfo, Rachel Alison Benning Huntley, IL
Grantsaris, Alexander Crown Point, IN
Grantsaris, Constantino Crown Point, IN
Graves, Jeffrey R Lansing, IL
Green, Heather Danielle Portage, IN
Green, Sara E Cedar Lake, IN
Greene, Kyle R Dyer, IN
Greer, Margaret R Mills Hammond, IN
Gregorec, Jeremy St John, IN
Grendahl, Jocelyn Leigh Madison, WI
Griffin, Melissa Ann Pilipow Griffith, IN
Griner, Stephanie Danell Abney Farmington, NM
Groce, Debra Nadine King Mooresville, IN
Gross, James Anthony Crown Point, IN
Grzywana, Anthony Kenneth Wheatfield, IN
Gu, Xingyu Hammond, IN
Guard, Jessica R Valparaiso, IN
Gubatanga, Galilross P Piz Munster, IN
Guess, Darren Wayne Portage, IN
Guined, Samantha Valparaiso, IN
Guizani, Maher M West Lafayette, IN
Guo, Wei Hammond, IN
Gupta, Urvashi Hayward, CA
Guritz, Kaylee Elizabeth Crown Point, IN
Gutierrez, Elizabeth G North Chicago, IL
Gutierrez, Tanya Marie Alexander Hammond, IN
Ha, Yoon Kyung Homewood, IL
Haas, Lori Anne Rossville, IL
Haddad, Anton Jonathan Munster, IN
Haddad, David Osama Dyer, IN
Haddad, Stephanie Alysse Schererville, IN
Haddon, Brittany S Lowell, IN
Hadley, Winter M Gary, IN
Hainsworth, Steven R Dyer, IN
Hajduk, Rebecca A Portage, IN
Hall, Carl J Demotte, IN
Hall, Matthew G Elwood, IL
Hallett, Corey Chicago, IL
Halt, Laura J Evergreen Park, IL
Hamed, Asem Hammond, IN
Hamel, Tamara Lyn Palos Hills, IL
Hamilton, Daniel Robert Highland, IN
Hamm, Chelsey K Lyons Arlington Heights, IL
Hanks, Katherine Shachter Chicago, IL
Hannon, Colleen M Lowell, IN
Hansen, Michael R Orland Park, IL
Harbin, Katharine A Keltner Demotte, IN
Harden, Crystal Tinley Park, IL
Harrington, David Michael Oak Lawn, IL
Hasenour, Angela P St Anthony, IN
Haskins, Grant Lewis Hammond, IN
Hastings, Miles W Munster, IN
Hasty, Andrew David Crown Point, IN
Havens, Mark W Hobart, IN
Hayes, Mallory Lynn Schererville, IN
Hazelton, Misty Willis Valparaiso, IN
Hedderman, Terrance J Hammond, IN
Heffron, Justin D Lansing, IL
Heidrich, Michelle Lynn LaBuda Mount Prospect, IL
Heming, Sarah M Hobart, IN
Henderson, Marisa M Valparaiso, IN
Henderson-Vigil, Ayden Zhi Munster, IN
Hendrickson, Jordan Lynn Crown Point, IN
Herbst, Diana E Schererville, IN
Herd, Alexandra Lynn Hammond, IN
Hernandez, Carlos Ivan Schererville, IN
Hernandez, Ginia Elizabeth Gary, IN
Hernandez, Myriah Hammond, IN
Hernandez, Raquel Marie Chicago, IL
Hernstrom, Scott Alan Westville, IN
Herrera, Yolanda Garcia Munster, IN
Herringer, Kelly Lynn Chicago, IL
Hewlett, Meghan A Lowell, IN
Hicks, Stephen Douglas Tinley Park, IL
Hill, Renee Ashley Villa Park, IL
Hill, Tiffany Nicole Crown Point, IN
Hill, Zephaniah Richard Hammond, IN
Hillegonds, Ty Robert Lansing, IL
Hillestad-King, Lisa Y Demotte, IN
Hillyard, Dusti Michelle Weidenbenner Winslow, IN
Hinds, Rebecca Lynn Lowell, IN
Hinkle, Kaleigh Lavonne Valparaiso, IN
Hinton, Amber Elaine Wheelock Noblesville, IN
Hirsch, Matthew H Munster, IN
Hochmuth, Andrew P Lowell, IN
Hoehl, Victoria Ann Dunleavy Hammond, IN
Holeman, Melanie Minyard Manhattan, IL
Holsinger, Judi Johnson Avon, IN
Holsman, Ashley Jo Westmont, IL
Holt, Rebecca Irene Munster, IN
Homans, Jillian Ann Munster, IN
Honeycutt, Ashley Rose Lowell, IN
Hong, Shirly Lao Glendale Heights, IL
Hoover, Danielle Faith Shuler Fort Wayne, IN
Hopkins, Catherine M Glenwood, IL
Horvat, Jessica B Griffith, IN
Hovanec, Jamie Jeanne Crown Point, IN
Howard, George W Munster, IN
Hudson, Deanna Delois Gary, IN
Hudson, Natasha South Holland, IL
Hughes, Adam M St John, IN
Huizenga, Colin M Highland, IN
Huizenga, Daniel David Momence, IL
Humphrey, Ryan Andrew Indianapolis, IN
Hunt, Caitlynn Elizabeth Schererville, IN
Hutnick, Heather Rose Westville, IN
Igwe, Ogoamaka Comfort Ohaji Glenview, IL
Innes, Lauren Renee Hammond, IN
Ipema, Henry Merrillville, IN
Irk, Samantha N Hammond, IN
Irwin, Leslie Jean Card Warren, MI
Ivey, Dennise Brown Crown Point, IN
Iyengar, Padmaja Srinivasan Naperville, IL
Jackman, Amanda Lynn Hammond, IN
Jackson, Kyle Quentin Hammond, IN
Jackson, Mechelle Justice, IL
Jajich, Kathryn Coulson Libertyville, IL
James, Meredith Blaire Washington, MI
Janevicius, Lori Lea Newcomer Oak Brook, IL
Janik, Justin Michael Highland, IN
Jannasch, Jared James Darien, IL
Janusz, Steven R Lansing, IL
Jaraczewski, Ruth Ann McIlveen Oak Lawn, IL
Jenkins, Courtney Blair Chicago, IL
Jia, Yuqian Hammond, IN
Jimenez, Fabiola Crown Point, IN
Jimenez, Maricela Chicago, IL
Jimenez, Vanessa Chicago, IL
Jimeno, Joseph Conrad West Dundee, IL
Jin, Jianfeng Hammond, IN
Jin, Xin Hammond, IN
Johns, Jennifer Jo Fairchild Francesville, IN
Johnson, Christine M Munster, IN
Johnson, Jennifer N Chicago, IL
Johnson, Meredith Lee Fishers, IN
Johnson, Patricks Darnell Crown Point, IN
Johnson, Paula M Wories Cedar Lake, IN
Jones, Ashlee Nicole Crown Point, IN
Jones, Carianne N Lake Village, IN
Jones, Daniel S Schererville, IN
Jones, Kaitlin Rae Munster, IN
Jones, Kristen D Highland, IN
Josevska, Aleksandra Stepanovska Schererville, IN
Joyce, Dana Lynn Shalitis St John, IN
Judge, Bianca F Chicago, IL
Kamalipour, Shirin Munster, IN
Kaminski, Alexandra F Hammond, IN
Kaminski, Beth Ann Belko East Chicago, IN
Kammer, Karl James Hammond, IN
Kamps, Seth Nathaniel South Holland, IL
Karcher, Wayne Munster, IN
Karciauskas, Zana Gerulskiene Naperville, IL
Karrson, Katherine Denise Lansing, IL
Karrson, Kenneth Lansing, IL
Keeker, Kristin Ray Hanson Portage, IN
Keith, Thomas C Schererville, IN
Kelleher, Michelle Meagan Schererville, IN
Kelly, James Eugene Merrillville, IN
Kemper, Amanda Marie Hammond, IN
Kemph, Carol Lynn Chicago, IL
Kennedy, Derick Scott Cedar Lake, IN
Kerrick, Tyler L Hammond, IN
Kertis, Samantha Rene’ Robinson Avon, IN
Ketelaar, Kaitlyn R Dyer, IN
Khamdiev, Elizabeth Owen Busse Mt Prospect, IL
Kharel, Pawan Hammond, IN
Khariv, Natalie Chicago, IL
Kieras, Jennifer Marie McHenry, IL
Kieta, Nicole Danielle St John, IN
Kikendall, Michelle Renee Clayton, IN
Kim, Anney Hoffman Estates, IL
Kim, Subin Hammond, IN
Kim-Alterson, Christiana Thornton, IL
Kimble, Alison Danielle Greenup, IL
King, Holly Ann O’Neill Lansing, IL
King, Sheryl Anne Niles, IL
Kinsman, Samantha Jane Wheaton, IL
Kiran, Carly A Crown Point, IN
Kirchhoff, Crystal N St John, IN
Kiser, Lauren Marie Crown Point, IN
Klamm, Hannah Elizabeth Chicago, IL
Klueter, Natalie Fort Wayne, IN
Knesek, Stephanie Lynn Highland, IN
Knol, Isaac M Crown Point, IN
Knott, Jason Monee, IL
Kohn, Jeffrey S Crown Point, IN
Kois, Maria H Oswego, IL
Kokuzian, Michelle Lynn Naperville, IL
Koleski, Amanda Lynn Griffith, IN
Koleski, Nicole Renee Griffith, IN
Kollar, Amber R Hammond, IN
Komasinski, Katharine Jean Hammond, IN
Kondrasova, Svetlana Hollywood, FL
Konicek, Joseph John Dyer, IN
Kontor, Kaitlyn Brandie Hammond, IN
Koppen, Lynda Louise Hobart, IN
Kormanak, Lisa Ann Huntley, IL
Korzenecki, Peggy S Kemps Channahon, IL
Koscielniak, Katarzyna R Hickory Hills, IL
Kosior, Adam Edward Gary, IN
Kothari, Kanan Des Plaines, IL
Kountz, Joseph Mitchell Schererville, IN
Kozlovskaja, Violeta West Dundee, IL
Kretchmer, Brandon S Hammond, IN
Kreuger, Jackilyn Ann Brazill Monee, IL
Krichevskaya, Alina Buffalo Grove, IL
Kruse, Grace A Hammond, IN
Krzywinski, Michael Justice, IL
Kudsi, Heather Amber Highland, IN
Kuechl, Tracy Katharina Chicago, IL
Kujovich, Daniel Munster, IN
Kulig, Linda Marie Chesterton, IN
Kurtis, Kimberly Anne DiMasi Merrillville, IN
Kutka, Lynne P Dyer, IN
Kuypers, Andrea Jean Campbell Crown Point, IN
Kuzel, Terry Brent Mokena, IL
Lackey, Caitlyn Ann Griffith, IN
Ladic, David Ivan Schererville, IN
Laine, Joshua Scott Chicago, IL
Lakich, Phillip Crown Point, IN
LaMantia, Nicole C Crown Point, IN
Lannin, Mary Jo Tinley Park, IL
Lapa, Jessica Marie Munster, IN
Lareau, Luke Albert Dyer, IN
Larsen, Jens Valparaiso, IN
Larson, Julie Elizabeth Demoff Highland, IN
Larson, Samantha Neary Portage, IN
Lasecki, Justin Matthew Lowell, IN
Lauritzen, Jacob Kenneth Ogden Dunes, IN
Layne, Cassie Rana Hobart, IN
Lazarz, Elzbieta Izabela Stopinska Des Plaines, IL
Lazic, Aleksandra Dyer, IN
Le Rand, Haley Munster, IN
Lebeter, Gail L Reese Highland, IN
Lee, I-Chun Crown Point, IN
Lee, Lisa Jane Homewood, IL
Lee, Yun Ji Highland, IN
Lentner, Natasha Sabrina Valparaiso, IN
Leon, Shirlyle Crown Point, IN
Leonas, Lisa Deanna Lee South Elgin, IL
Lerum, Erica Tinley Park, IL
Leverentz, Nancy Kopp Barrington, IL
Lewis, Celina Nichole Crown Point, IN
Li, Wentao Hammond, IN
Li, Wenxi Hammond, IN
Liazuk, Blake E Grant Park, IL
Liddawi, Nader F St John, IN
Lile, Ruth A Walkerton, IN
Lileikis, Leizel Christine Crete, IL
Lindeman, Anne Helene Flossmoor, IL
Lindeman, Penny JoEllynn Crown Point, IN
Liu, Hualei Hammond, IN
Liu, Jiaqi Hammond, IN
Livingston, Jacqueline Highland, IN
Lockey, Sarah North Chesterfield, VA
Loden, Haley J Crown Point, IN
Lodewyck, Samantha Marie Munster, IN
Loehr, Michael Blake Highland, IN
Logan, Giane Bartlett, IL
Long, Myles Johnathan Schererville, IN
Long, Paden Clark Schererville, IN
Lopez, Maria Rosario Wheeling, IL
Lopez, Tiffany Marie Hammond, IN
Lopez, Yarel Marco Highland, IN
Lopez-Davis, Julissa Iris Crown Point, IN
Lorentz, Asta Zumer Park Ridge, IL
Lorenzo, Bianca Chicago, IL
Losievsky, Melissa Ann Silva Middleburg, VA
Love, Heather Troogstad Chicago, IL
Lowe, Shaunte Nicole Phoenix, IL
Lowry, Jordan Thomas Crown Point, IN
Lu, Xiang Hammond, IN
Luketic, Taylor Mitchell Crown Point, IN
Lukich, Michael F Hammond, IN
Lundy, Miranda Grace Pritchard Merrillville, IN
Luzzi, Jillian Oak Forest, IL
Lydon, Kaitlyn Nicole St John, IN
Lyn, Jessica Fisher DaViera Lowell, IN
Lynch, Rachel Su Dyer, IN
Maciaszek, Simon Chicago, IL
Macis, Theodore Robert Lowell, IN
Mackowicz, Kevin Matthew Whiting, IN
Madrigal, Alejandro Joliet, IL
Magalhaes Pereira, Carolina Hammond, IN
Magallanes Correa, Jose Roberto East Chicago, IN
Magee, Ashley Chalon Gary, IN
Maghirang, Roma Ramos Steger, IL
Magnavite, Beth M Griffith, IN
Magnavite, Mara R Griffith, IN
Mahama, Seidu Lake Station, IN
Mahoney, Brett T Hammond, IN
Maida, Laura Elburn, IL
Makarenko, Elena Merrillville, IN
Malachowski, Andrea Ocampo Lansing, IL
Malinowski, Nicole Highland, IN
Malouf, Katie Chicago, IL
Mancera, Colin Tyler Schererville, IN
Mancera, Nolan Philip Schererville, IN
Mangerson, Zachary Thomas Orland Park, IL
Manley, Brianne E Lowell, IN
Manley, Erin Michelle Lowell, IN
Manney, Chuckita Marie Park Forest, IL
Mantilla Gomez, Jorge Alberto Hammond, IN
Manu, Lenuta Glenview, IL
Marciales Cardenas, Franklin Seattle, WA
Marcic, Jelena Schererville, IN
Mardis, Alysha Rene Portage, IN
Markovich, Christopher G Munster, IN
Marrie, Brian James Crown Point, IN
Marsden, Michael A Whiting, IN
Martin, Bonnie Clarice Sanders Lowell, IN
Martinez, Alejandra Hammond, IN
Martinez, Cheryl Zilvitis Westchester, IL
Martz, Jennifer Leigh Michigan City, IN
Masshardt, Lorelei Danielle New Palestine, IN
Massie, Natasha E Saint John, IN
Mastej, Emily Jean Highland, IN
Matsui, Pam Jinapantha Addison, IL
Mattison, Beth Michele Harrison Chelsea, MI
Matura, Jonathan Dean Crown Point, IN
Maya, Salvador Whiting, IN
Mazur, Michelle Dawn Burbank, IL
Mazurkiewicz, Keeley Ann Manteno, IL
McCabe, Kaitlyn Lara Crown Point, IN
McCarthy, Sara M Chicago, IL
McClain, Michaela Dyer, IN
McClain, Sarah Louise Kinnard Chicago, IL
McClymont, Maryann Elizabeth Cedar Lake, IN
Mccollum, Arin A Dyer, IN
McCormack, Sue Ann Hammond, IN
Mccullough, Ellen N Schererville, IN
McCullough, Karlie Jean Cedar Lake, IN
Mcdaniel, Nicole D Elgin, IL
McGreal, Jacqueline Ann Tinley Park, IL
McLaughlin, Kathryn Patricia Chicago, IL
Mclean, Christiana E Mortensen Valparaiso, IN
McManimen, Kyle Reese Dyer, IN
McShea, Connor Timothy Munster, IN
Medina, Steven Michael Crown Point, IN
Meier, Matthew Aaron Beecher, IL
Mejia, Gerardo C Chicago Heights, IL
Melero, Maria C Calumet City, IL
Mencias, Celinne V Wheaton, IL
Mendez, Jacqueline Blue Island, IL
Mendoza, Elizabeth Victoria Webb Hammond, IN
Meyer, Stephanie Marie Quade Woodstock, IL
Micek, Galya P Kisova Lake Zurich, IL
Middleton, Tina Dovenmuehle Beloit, WI
Midence, Jose Alexander Crown Point, IN
Mielnicki, Nicole Olivia Munster, IN
Mildaus, Sarah Nicole Dyer, IN
Miles, Bruce Saint John, IN
Miller, Jason Lee Griffith, IN
Miller, Mary Kimberly Kislowski Hobart, IN
Miller, Stanethia Rynae Harris Hammond, IN
Mills, Amber Marie Hammond, IN
Milunovic, Jovan D Schererville, IN
Miranda, Joshua E Hammond, IN
Mitchell, Jason Thomas Highland, IN
Mitreski, Anita Crown Point, IN
Mitrovic, Anamaria Evkovska Schererville, IN
Miyashiro, Natalie R Munster, IN
Modschiedler, Brian John Geoffrey Crestwood, IL
Mohamed, Saly K Hammond, IN
Mojtahed, Hamed Munster, IN
Molina, Allison E Hobart, IN
Monroe, Michael Todd Hammond, IN
Montella, Kimberly A Munster, IN
Montgomery, Jessica R Martinsville, IN
Montrie, Mary Florence Peterson Barrington, IL
Mooney, Kasandra E Valparaiso, IN
Moore, Dawn M Calumet City, IL
Moore, Desai Alexandra Schererville, IN
Moore, Kimberly Fay Mayes Valparaiso, IN
Moore, Lisa Ann Des Plaines, IL
Moore, Maryrose Sachiko-Oba Hammond, IN
Moore, Paige Elisabeth Schererville, IN
Morales, Mayi Berrios Highland, IN
Morales, Ulises Hammond, IN
Morasan, Michael John Hammond, IN
Morie, Joseph La Grange, IL
Morris, Carrie Dale Reynolds Spencer, IN
Moses-Sandoval, Jennifer Nichole Riverside, CA
Mott, Angelina Yong Hammond, IN
Mowery, Kari Ann Evansville, IN
Mubarak, Amal Fathi Merrillville, IN
Mucha, Szymon Bridgeview, IL
Mueller, Michael Glenn Munster, IN
Mulderink, Eugene Lee Whiting, IN
Mullaney, James Phillip Hammond, IN
Munoz, Angelica East Chicago, IN
Munoz, Richard Cicero, IL
Munsie, Jessica E Highland, IN
Murphy, Kathleen Therese Palos Heights, IL
Murta, Ana Martins Crown Point, IN
Musleh, Lianna Y Crown Point, IN
Myrda, Agnieszka Lemont, IL
Nagy, Lauren Maria Crown Point, IN
Nappi, Valerie Ann Lansing, IL
Natale, Robert Anthony Chicago Heights, IL
Natonski, Lance James Munster, IN
Naumowich, Kyle A Crown Point, IN
Nava, Hannah Marie Crown Point, IN
Navar, Nataly Lansing, IL
Navarro, Conrad J Munster, IN
Navarro, Sahid Chicago, IL
Neal, Latisha Michigan City, IN
Neis, Merydith Comeros Park Forest, IL
Neis, Ryan Matthew Park Forest, IL
Nelson, Christian Andrew Frankfort, IL
Nelson, Christopher Anthony Munster, IN
Nelson, Claire Elizabeth Elmhurst, IL
Nelson, Derrek Spencer Hammond, IN
Neuenschwander, Matthew Dale Niles, MI
Neuman, Christina M Lake Villa, IL
Newbold, Natalie Aurelia Kirincic Valparaiso, IN
Newlin, Kaitlyn E Lowell, IN
Newton, Amanda Marie Valparaiso, IN
Newton, Stacey A Chesterton, IN
Neyhart, Gene Michael Hobart, IN
Nguyen, Thompson Chicago, IL
Ni, Kebin Hammond, IN
Nicholl, Christopher J Crown point, IN
Nichols, Tiffany Ann Highland, IN
Nickrent, Laura Jane Thompson Bloomington, IL
Nieboer, Lucas Benjamin Hammond, IN
Nielsen, Melissa A Denver, CO
Nielson, Samuel E Valparaiso, IN
Niemann, Polly Marie Plummer Hobart, IN
Nikollaj, Alexandrea N Hobart, IN
Ning, Jie Chicago, IL
Njoroge, Caroline Chicago, IL
Nnaji, Benjamin Chijioke Schererville, IN
Noble, Jordan R Chicago, IL
Nochevich, Matthew Ryan Crown Point, IN
Nokielski, Joanne Mundelein, IL
Nordyke, Danielle Nicole Crown Point, IN
Nosich, Andrea Elizabeth Crown Point, IN
Novosel, Theresa Munster, IN
Nunez, Rocio Summit, IL
Nwosu, Ikechi G Lynwood, IL
Oakerson, Kevin Duane Winchester, IN
Oakes, Melissa L Boss Crown Point, IN
Obetkovski, Josif Crown Point, IN
Obinger, Darric Lee Munster, IN
O’Brien, Kelly St John, IN
Ochoa, Margaret Moran Mount Prospect, IL
Ochocinski-Michaud, Lauren E Downers Grove, IL
Ociepka, Brett Patrick Crown Point, IN
Ociepka, Brian J Crown Point, IN
O’Farrell, Amanda Orland Hills, IL
Ofori Apau, Mabel Aboagye Bolingbrook, IL
Ojeda, Gina Wadsworth, IL
Olson, Deborah Jean Pesklak Chicago, IL
Olson, Nicole Marie Crown Point, IN
O’Malley, Courtney Marie Crown Point, IN
Omar, Adel Abdulrahim Hammond, IN
O’Neill, Tina Fuglsang Wheaton, IL
Oosting, Kevin Joel South Holland, IL
Orellana Beltran, Dennisse Mishell Hammond, IN
Ortiz, Maritsa Lake Station, IN
Orzel, Richard Michael Gary, IN
Osten, JoAnne Carrie Liska Lombard, IL
Otic, James L St John, IN
Otterson, Brandon Grayslake, IL
Overturf, Eric Michael Lowell, IN
Oyeyemi, Fehintola O Adeusi Country Club Hills, IL
Pacourek, Lourdes Antolijao Riverside, IL
Page, Christopher Hammond, IN
Painter, Alisha Marie Ham Lowell, IN
Palmer, Sara Elizabeth Griffith, IN
Paniaguas, Joseph M Valparaiso, IN
Parado, Eloise E Nestler Geneva, IL
Pardo, Amy Martin Westland, MI
Parker, Julia Ann Chicago, IL
Parr, Vicki Lee Danville, IL
Parrilli, Isabella Lombard, IL
Parrilli, Maria Antoinette Valparaiso, IN
Pasternak, Brittany Denise Merrillville, IN
Patel, Henna Chander Munster, IN
Patel, Krina R Schererville, IN
Patil, Anita Satish Munster, IN
Paul, Tyler Allen Crete, IL
Paulson, Tara Lynn St John, IN
Pavia, Rosemary Plainfield, IL
Pavlick, Michael Charles Lake Village, IN
Payne, Heather Crownover, Davis Francesville, IN
Pazik, Lauren Elizabeth Munster, IN
Pearson, Ursula J St John, IN
Pendrick, Dustin Mackenzie Munster, IN
Peng, Shanshan Hammond, IN
Penna, Catrina P Crown Point, IN
Penna, Marcy Ann Crown Point, IN
Peoples, Pamela Marie Homewood, IL
Pepin, Jennifer M Hammond, IN
Pepoff, Joshua Lee Munster, IN
Perez, Angela Acevez St John, IN
Perfetti, Gwen Ellen Reusze Lowell, IN
Perkins, Norva Martinsville, IN
Peternell, Brianna Rae Beecher, IL
Peters, Ryan M Highland, IN
Peters, Stephanie Sharon Highland, IN
Petersen, Devin James Beecher, IL
Petersen, Nicole Lauren Beecher, IL
Peterson, Ashley Beth Hammond, IN
Peterson, Patricia G Fort Wayne, IN
Petro, Amber Theresa Chicago, IL
Pfeiffer, Erin Batavia, IL
Pfister, Brittany Elise Highland, IN
Phillips, Michael J Munster, IN
Pickens, Dana Ann Whysall Carpentersville, IL
Piekarski, Lauren Michelle St John, IN
Pierzchalski, James Crown Point, IN
Piessens, Stephanie E East Chicago, IN
Pietruszka, Sandra Vido Munster, IN
Pilch, Rosalee Rita Schererville, IN
Pirtle, Debbie Jean Griffith, IN
Pirtle, MaKaylee Lanay Dugger, IN
Pitsilides, Dennis James Schererville, IN
Pitsilides, Susan Renee Schererville, IN
Pluard, Adam Michael Munster, IN
Pluard, Eric Brien Munster, IN
Plucinski, Michelle Heather Marie Griffith, IN
Poff, Brittani Nicole Hobart, IN
Polimenakos, Erin Margert Doherty Mokena, IL
Pollack, Rachel Kent Hammond, IN
Polzin, Rebecca Jo Griffith, IN
Pomeroy, Tyler Lowell, IN
Popli, Rajeev A Valparaiso, IN
Popovich, Darlene J Hochstetler Griffith, IN
Porter, Ashley Marie Steger, IL
Porzel, Kali Ann Matteson, IL
Pourchot, Curtis L Fox River Grove, IL
Powers, Rebecca J Passananti Oak Lawn, IL
Price, Olivia Crown Point, IN
Prieto, Veronica Inez Hammond, IN
Pritchard, Agnes Marie Harrell Crown Point, IN
Prosapio, Pamela Joy Bender Lockport, IL
Provost, Jessica Lee Chicago Ridge, IL
Pruim, Kari Lee St John, IN
Pullen, Keith Flossmoor, IL
Pyle, Beverly Faye Hardebeck Phoenix, AZ
Pyzel, Jason Andrew Lansing, IL
Qi, Yilian Hammond, IN
Quesada, Odalys Milagros Miami, FL
Quezada, Jessica Skokie, IL
Quiroga, Marco Antonio Griffith, IN
Quiroga, Rose Marie East Chicago, IN
Rabasa, Teresa Chicago, IL
Rachowicz, Kristina Oleta Marshall Crown Point, IN
Racz, Frank Stanley Hammond, IN
Radencic, Matthew David Schererville, IN
Radjenovich, Christopher Joseph Dyer, IN
Radtke, Brittany A St John, IN
Raduske, Ellen Marie Whiting, IN
Radwan, Taher Abdulwahab Hammond, IN
Raedle, Melissa Lucille Evanston, IL
Raiser, Matthew John Griffith, IN
Raketic, Trisha Renee Pressner Crown Point, IN
Ramirez, Erin Chicago, IL
Ramirez, Joshua Michael Crown Point, IN
Ramirez, Steven R Griffith, IN
Ramirez, Valen Rae Munster, IN
Ramos, Edson Chicago, IL
Ramos, Rico Cedar Lake, IN
Rapchak, Casey Andrew Crown Point, IN
Rasmus, Michelle Balas Volo, IL
Rauen, Laura Pattara Chicago, IL
Rearick, Shelby Isabella Hobart, IN
Reband, Emma Elise Roselle, IL
Redar, Madisen Elizabeth Schererville, IN
Reed, Rachel Allene Lansing, IL
Regan, Heather A New Albany, IN
Regnier, Vicki Lansing, IL
Reichardt, Bonnie Suzanne Chicago, IL
Reid, Evan S Dyer, IN
Reid, Nicole Marie Cedar Lake, IN
Reinecke, Marianne Bolingbrook, IL
Rex, Lily Louise Highland, IN
Richard, Lazarus Nwaorgu Chicago, IL
Richmond, Sur-Sheila Rodgers Gary, IN
Riddle, Robin Lee Ann Bowman Tippecanoe, IN
Riordan, Kyle William Munster, IN
Rish, Stacy Carlson Demotte, IN
Rivera, Lola S Kudzin Arlington Heights, IL
Roberts, Cory Lamont Plymouth, IN
Roberts, Stephanie Lynn Darre Volo, IL
Robinson, Ava LeVonne Hammond, IN
Robinson, Brian Hunter University Park, IL
Robinson, Lauren Elizabeth King Elmwood Park, IL
Robledo, Alyssa J Highland, IN
Rochon, Lisa Grace Lazzara Mokena, IL
Rodgers, Carly Diane St John, IN
Rodgers, George Washington Highland, IN
Rodriguez, Antonio Juan Lowell, IN
Rodriguez, Aric T Schererville, IN
Rodriguez, Linda Beth Rivera Palos Hills, IL
Rodriguez, Maria Luisa Palos Hills, IL
Roessing, Anna Selene Gary, IN
Rogers, Aaron Michael St John, IN
Rojas Carbo, Andres Alberto Hammond, IN
Rojic, Angela Batavia, IL
Rolewicz, Brittany Country Club Hills, IL
Rolfs, Erik Raymond Oak Lawn, IL
Romeo, Anthony Mario Homer Glen, IL
Romeo, Melissa Mary Teteak Oak Forest, IL
Romesburg, Rachel Lynn Griffith, IN
Ronciak, Brian A Dyer, IN
Root, Kimberly Des Plaines, IL
Rosales, Jennifer R Huntley, IL
Rosales, Maribel Chicago, IL
Rose, Sara M Schererville, IN
Rosian, Brian Hammond, IN
Ross, Judith Anne Sobolewski Griffith, IN
Rossi, Dino Richard New Baltimore, MI
Rossi, Elvira Davlekanova St John, IN
Rossi, Susan Marie Palmer Frankfort, IL
Rossler, Maxzine Louise Big Rock, IL
Rozovics, Laura Mary New Lenox, IL
Ruban, Emilia Zajko Buffalo Grove, IL
Rucker, Arlisa Ann Gary, IN
Ruff, Adam Gabriel Frankfort, IL
Ruhland, Anna Theresa Chicago, IL
Ruiz, Alanna Taylor Momence, IL
Runyon, Riley Rosina St John, IN
Russell, Raymond B Westchester, IL
Ryman, Jason John Crown Point, IN
Saavedra, Arturo Schererville, IN
Safi, Raja R Munster, IN
Sahi, Aman Singh Munster, IN
Sakovich, Bellette D Gary, IN
Salcido, Cynthia Paguio Skokie, IL
Salman, Ahmad Romeoville, IL
Salman, Tareq Orland Park, IL
Sampey, Monique J LeBeau Addison, IL
Sanchez, Anthony D Chesterton, IN
Sanders, Jill Elizabeth Crown Point, IN
Sanders, Simone Alicia Chicago, IL
Santana Couto, Danilo Jose Hammond, IN
Santana, Christopher Scott Portage, IN
Santefort, Marshall Scott Lansing, IL
Sarnecki, Thomas Francis Crown Point, IN
Sawyers, Jamaica Mar’ya Hammond, IN
Sayre, Rebecca Mary Jeanne Dyer, IN
Sayyad, Mohammed Schererville, IN
Schafer, Katherine M Crown Point, IN
Schafer, Kristina Lynn Crown Point, IN
Scheeringa, Kenneth Austin Schererville, IN
Scheid, Christine Seemann Crystal Lake, IL
Scheumann, Christopher Bluffton, IN
Schjerven, Barbara McCarthy Schaumburg, IL
Schmal, Ashley Michelle Cedar Lake, IN
Schmal, Caitlin N Cedar Lake, IN
Schmalz, Vicky Lynn Willmer Streamwood, IL
Schmitt, Kendra Elaine Joliet, IL
Schnitker, Jenna Brookville, IN
Schoudel, Beth Evanston, IL
Schrade, Cheryl Lynn Carlson Algonquin, IL
Schreck, Kyla Megan Valparaiso, IN
Schriner, Shannon M Sailsbery Homewood, IL
Schwenk, Ashley Marie Kleinhelter Otwell, IN
Scott, Stephanie Marie Crown Point, IN
Scruggs, Sean Patrick St John, IN
Sedrak, David Galal Nsari Schererville, IN
Seeman, Darlene Bartlett, IL
Seman, Michael R Dyer, IN
Serna, Zila E Velazco Calumet City, IL
Serrano, Alexander Munster, IN
Sevilla Escobar, Carlos Sebastian Hammond, IN
Shaps, Aaron Matthew Highland, IN
Sharma, Meera Skokie, IL
Shaver, Angelicah Brieanne Portage, IN
Shaw, Kellie Michelle Qualkenbush Loogootee, IN
Sheeran, Melissa Anne Roeder Orland Park, IL
Sheets, Jacqueline Dominique Portage, IN
Shelton, Kevin B Hammond, IN
Shewchuk, Julie Janecke Palos Park, IL
Shmagranoff, Evan Zakary Munster, IN
Shmagranoff, Rachel Nicole Munster, IN
Short, Brooklyn Jo Wabash, IN
Shuminas, Abbie Rewerts Naperville, IL
Shur, Elena Eugenia Skokie, IL
Shutoski, Zachary Taylor Dyer, IN
Shyrokov, Pavlo Hennadiyovych Crown Point, IN
Sicad, Melissa Remandaban Dyer, IN
Sicinski, Daniel Robert Crown Point, IN
Sicinski, Katherine Rose Crown Point, IN
Siedelmann, Carolyn Ruth Dyer, IN
Singh, Manpreet Richmond HIll, NY
Sinwelski, Gina Jo Schererville, IN
Siron, Reginald Round Lake, IL
Skelton, Sarah C Roselle, IL
Skinner, Jamie Jae Utley Munster, IN
Skrabal, Andrea Lynn Dailey Demotte, IN
Slapelyte, Vilmante Chicago, IL
Slinn, Phillip Joseph Noblesville, IN
Sloan, Christie Marie Lansing, IL
Smith, Allison Rebecca Hobart, IN
Smith, Christine Elizabeth LaBarbera Saint Anne, IL
Smith, Cody J Lansing, IL
Smith, DeAnna D Gary, IN
Smith, Haley Nicole Bourbonnais, IL
Smith, Jessica Alliene Mary Markham, IL
Smith, Laurel Schererville, IN
Smith, Nicole Lynn Dykstra Crown Point, IN
Smith, Tavia Ireshia Crete, IL
Smits, Jessica A Crete, IL
Snowdon, Katherine Marie Highland, IN
Sobierajski, Jennifer Marie Wheatfield, IN
Soria Chicaiza, Angel Esteban Hammond, IN
Sosbe, Jerry Douglas Portage, IN
Southern, Allison Ann Michael Bloomington, IN
Spain, Anthony Michael Portage, IN
Spayth, Kyle A Orland Park, IL
Spedus, Christopher Adam Hammond, IN
Spesia, Chris Jacob Manhattan, IL
Spillman, Thomas Kent Highland, IN
Spivak, Jillian Michelle Schererville, IN
Sprague, Traci Lee Buehre Westfield, IN
Stadnik, Pamela L Schulte Crown Point, IN
Stahl, Caylee Breanna Hobart, IN
Starkey, Tana J Hammond, IN
Staton, Kaitlyn Annette Demotte, IN
Steciuch, Christian Clarence Chesterton, IN
Steffen, Sarah Graber Kendallville, IN
Steinke, Steven Cameron Hobart, IN
Stephenson, Elizabeth Blair Hammond, IN
Stewart, Joan M McGee Merrillville, IN
Stob, Katharine Schererville, IN
Stooksbury, Chad Allen St John, IN
Storino, Michael Edward Munster, IN
Stormer, Brandi Cierra Lowell, IN
Streu, Karen L McCormick Glen Ellyn, IL
Strohl, Melissa Lauren Munster, IN
Strong, Artesia Selena Chicago, IL
Strong, Susan Renee Highland, IN
Stucky, Alexa Kate Merrillville, IN
Studer, Victoria Lynn Schererville, IN
Sturrock, Sarah Rebecca Gary, IN
Suarez, Alyssa Imari Hammond, IN
Suchecki, Vanessa Cuevas Oak Lawn, IL
Sulibi, Mohammed Ali Hammond, IN
Sulit, Kristine Oak Lawn, IL
Summers, William Jackson Martinsville, IN
Sun, Jia J Highland, IN
Surinak, Kristen Lee Naperville, IL
Surowiec, Barbara Christine Lowell, IN
Surowiec, Samantha Jo Dyer, IN
Sutton, Traci Lynne Demotte, IN
Swackhammer, Dawn Marie Bronson Dexter, ME
Swan, Anna E Dyer, IN
Swatch, Kulwinder Singh Highland, IN
Sweet, Megan Stack Oakwood Hills, IL
Swiatkowski, Roman Gregory Portage, IN
Swieszcz, Rebecca M Tinley Park, IL
Swinney, Ella Nicole Cedar Lake, IN
Szablewski, Gage Alexander Frankfort, IL
Szpernoga, Edyta Burbank, IL
Szura, John William Hammond, IN
Tague, Beth Ann Dyer, IN
Talens, Anne Raidl Des Plaines, IL
Taliefero, Auriel Kalyn Gary, IN
Tam, Carrie M Hobart, IN
Tan, Wai Chicago, IL
Tarpey, Paola Andrea Caldas Chicago, IL
Tauber, Anna L Griffith, IN
Taylor, Jameka A Lansing, IL
Taylor, James Michael Munster, IN
Taylor, Kristina Griffith, IN
Taylor, Stacy Lynn Antich Hobart, IN
Teho, Jeffrey Hawthorne, CA
Tejada, Daniel Alejandro Hammond, IN
Teodoro, Agnes E Chicago, IL
Terborg, Rachel Lynn Van How Crestwood, IL
Terpstra, Erica Marie Crown Point, IN
Thomas, Chris Richard Evansville, IN
Thomas, Maximillian Daniel St John, IN
Thomas, Michael Zachary Griffith, IN
Thomas, Michelle Marie Fall Oswego, IL
Thomas, Shelisa Marquea Gary, IN
Thomason, Grace Herta O’Dell Crystal Lake, IL
Thompson, Scott W Crown Point, IN
Thorakkal, Biby Gibson Sebastian Glendale Hts, IL
Thorpe, Amanda Nicole Valparaiso, IN
Tidd, Patricia Agnes Lowell, IN
Tiemens, Rebecca A Lowell, IN
Tikalsky, Jennifer Lynn Lowell, IN
Tinsley, Peter Joseph Schererville, IN
Tong, Xin Hammond, IN
Tossberg, David T Highland, IN
Toth, Kyle Alexander Hammond, IN
Tremble, Katherine Oak Park, IL
Trgovcich, Ryan Lee Highland, IN
Trimble, Joseph Eugene Hammond, IN
Trotman, Rachel Claire Munster, IN
Truong, Tuyen Thuy Thanh Biagi Dyer, IN
Tunkl, Lindsay Oak Lawn, IL
Turner, Janelle Diane Hammond, IN
Turngren, Tyler T St John, IN
Ulber, Joseph Robert Orland Park, IL
Umbs, Brendon Ryan Portage, IN
Umlauf, Rose M Lerner Lowell, IN
Unger, Jennifer J Lombard, IL
Urban, Tonya R Kvasnicka Chicago Heights, IL
Urbanczyk, Jake Edward Schererville, IN
Uy, Kyle Niles, IL
Vaca, Francisco David Hammond, IN
Van Nevel, Laura Beth Saint John, IN
Van Sessen, Courtney G Wagner Crown Point, IN
Van Slyke, Jessica Reuss Streamwood, IL
Van Soest, Amy Lynn Dejong Demotte, IN
Van Vuren, Alexander James Griffith, IN
Vander Kam, Stacey Schererville, IN
Vander Ploeg, Timothy Goetting Champaign, IL
Vander Pol, Jillian Breann Crown Point, IN
Vander Veer, Kevin Ross Schererville, IN
VanderVelde, Emily Kay Schererville, IN
VanKley, Jessica Dyer, IN
Varela, Nicole Marie Merrillville, IN
Vargas, Vanessa A Hobart, IN
Vasquez, Cristian Alfredo East Chicago, IN
Vasquez, Leonel Mateo Hammond, IN
Vassallo, Bennie Joseph St John, IN
Vawter, September Lyn Crown Point, IN
Veatch, Pennyjo Morris Chesterton, IN
Vega-Garcia, Gabriela La Grange, IL
Ventura, Leonardo Anthony Hammond, IN
Verkamp, Dana St Anthony, IN
Verma, Mohit Raj Hammond, IN
Viana Borges, Ana Luiza Hammond, IN
Villani, Joe Thomas Lowell, IN
Villarreal, Alicia June Allen Portage, IN
Villasenor Flores, Maria Ana Beecher, IL
Viroglio, Victoria Kenosha, WI
Vlahos, Catherine Anastasia Munster, IN
Vlahos, George T Munster, IN
Vlahu, Melissa Milka Munster, IN
Volek, Michael J South Holland, IL
Voorhorst, Cara Suzanne Avon, IN
Vroegh, Doug J Dyer, IN
Vukovic, Aleksandra Schererville, IN
Wachowski, Jennifer Jo Valparaiso, IN
Wackowski, Brandon Wayne Hammond, IN
Wagner, Jeanine L Westergren South Elgin, IL
Wagonblott, Ashley C Tinley Park, IL
Waldmarson, Nicolas James Crete, IL
Walker, Eric Allen Cedar Lake, IN
Walker, Felicia Sue Lynn Portage, IN
Wallace, Emily Roseann Lansing, IL
Wallace, Tiffany Marie St John, IN
Walleck, Michelle A Lugo New Lenox, IL
Walters, Jordan Alan Union City, IN
Wang, Chi-Chun Hammond, IN
Wang, Mo Hammond, IN
Wang, Tongan Portage, IN
Wang, Yaosheng Hammond, IN
Ward, Alicia Mishawaka, IN
Ward, Brandon Thomas Dyer, IN
Ward, Erika M Hobart, IN
Warga, Lindsey Joann Crown Point, IN
Warner, Kelly R Dyer, IN
Warren, Michael Steven Hebron, IN
Watkins, Daniel Highland, IN
Weishaar, Nicole Erin Beecher, IL
Weismiller, Tamara Lynn West Lafayette, IN
Weisz, David Lowell Highland, IN
Well, Victoria L Murray Cary, IL
Wells, Lia Reanne Fullerton, CA
Wells, Michele Renei Peterson Steward, IL
Wenglarz, Melissa Nicole Hebron, IN
Wesley, Matthew Brian St John, IN
West, Scot Eric Hobart, IN
Weyer, Marcy Lynn Ferdinand, IN
Whipple, Brittany M Highland, IN
White, Jonathan Kakahiaka Hammond, IN
White, Nancy Lynn Bloomington, IN
Whiting, Emily Elizabeth Munster, IN
Whitmer, Nicholas A Highland, IN
Whitten, Devin Daniel Valparaiso, IN
Wichlinski, Dana Eileen Munster, IN
Wickersham, Maizie Rene Cutler, IN
Widera, Natalia A New Lenox, IL
Wiers, Christina Marie Crown Point, IN
Wilk, Grace Katherine Cedar Lake, IN
Wilk, Jeremiah A Lowell, IN
Williams, Camille R Dolton, IL
Williams, Christopher A Gary, IN
Williams, L’oreal Janae Matteson, IL
Williams, Mary Margaret Homewood, IL
Williams, Raquel Schererville, IN
Williams, Raynard Lynwood, IL
Wilson, Aleicia Nicole Hammond, IN
Wilson, Kristina Nicole Bolingbrook, IL
Wilson, Matthew Ryan Dyer, IN
Wimmer, Tracy Annette Unionville, IN
Winchell, Amanda Renee Schererville, IN
Winck, Kristine Indianapolis, IN
Wingert, Emily Anne Bonfield, IL
Winiecki, Lauren Michelle Griffith, IN
Winkler, Debra Jean Ferdinand, IN
Witecki, Cara Renee Munster, IN
Witkowski, Kathryn A Chicago, IL
Wolak, Marissa Ann Highland, IN
Wood, Kimberly Rae Struck Indianapolis, IN
Wossow, Laura Ann North Riverside, IL
Wray, Amanda Lee Howes Yorkville, IL
Wright, Alyssa C Crown Point, IN
Wright, Eric Crown Point, IN
Wright-Hart, Nicholas Cornellious Merrillville, IN
Wrobel, Stephanie Lynn Orland Hills, IL
Wu, Chun Hammond, IN
Wu, Mengqi Hammond, IN
Wyman, Cynthia Ann Fostvedt Sandwich, IL
Wysocki, Erin N Munster, IN
Yack, Nita K Hammond, IN
Yager, Ashley Elizabeth Cedar Lake, IN
Yang, Mingxin Hammond, IN
Yates, Kristin Alessandra Castillo Wheaton, IL
Yos, Ellen G Lansing, IL
Yost, Christina J Highland, IN
Yost, Dawn Cobb Barrington, IL
Young, Ingrid Shellise Hobart, IN
Young, Kaley Allison Crown Point, IN
Yusuff, Kehinde Modinat Skokie, IL
Yzaguirre, Kristin Ann St John, IN
Zakrzewski, Richard A Griffith, IN
Zandy, Ryan A Lowell, IN
Zapata, Aimee Torretto Blue Island, IL
Zeng, Ming Hammond, IN
Zeng, Tiantian West Lafayette, IN
Zhan, Xiaowen Hammond, IN
Zhang, Kanmin Hammond, IN
Zhang, Shihang Hammond, IN
Zhang, Yifan Hammond, IN
Zhao, Yi Hammond, IN
Zheng, Lu Hammond, IN
Zhu, Meiru Hammond, IN
Zhu, Zhiheng Hammond, IN
Ziga, Kyle Jang-Yul Crown Point, IN
Zloty, Lynn Greenwood, IN
Zurek, Lisa A Schererville, IN