Achieving & Succeeding – Brandon Rukes

Recent Griffith graduate epitomizes
student success at Purdue Calumet

One, unassuming phone call from a professor sealed the deal for Brandon Rukes and his decision to attend Purdue University Calumet.

Done deal

The call Rukes received as a high school senior four years ago came from Bipin Pai, a professor of mechanical engineering who, at the time, also directed the university’s Honors Program.

“That impressed me,” Rukes, 22, of Griffith, said about the call. “I wanted to go to college close to home, and I was impressed with Purdue Calumet’s Honors Program. As soon as Bipin called me, that was it—done deal—I didn’t apply anywhere else.”

Starting job soon

Rukes would go on to graduate this spring (May 19) from Purdue Calumet with a degree in management, double majoring in accounting and finance. In early June, he begins a job in the Accounting Department at U.S. Steel Gary Works, where he served an internship last summer.

Brandon Rukes

One might say Rukes’ Purdue Calumet experience was “honors”-rich. In addition to enrolling in the university’s Honors Program, he worked as a student employee for the program and served as president of the program’s Honors Student Association. He also took advantage of university student research and other experiential learning opportunities.

“Being in the Honors Program was one of the best opportunities of my life,” he said. “I made friends and took advantage of networking. The program also allowed me to enroll in special topics classes and participate in community outreach service, which is a component of the program.”

Reflecting on serving the Boys & Girls Club of Northwest Indiana, Humane Society Calumet Area and the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life initiative, he said, “Yes, it’s a program requirement, but you come to cherish it. I’m definitely going to miss it.”

Indiana Student Employee of the Year

As a student employee for the Honors Program, Rukes so diligently and effectively did his job that he earned Indiana Student Employee of the Year recognition in 2012.

Program Director and Professor of Philosophy John Rowan described Rukes as “an exemplar of student success. . . He obtained leadership experience as an orientation leader at New Student Orientation and as president of the Honors Student Association. He engaged in undergraduate research and presented work at two national conferences, one in Phoenix and one in Boston. He epitomizes the Purdue Calumet student who takes advantage of opportunities to become successful.”

Success starts with ‘getting involved’

According to Rukes, success starts with “getting involved. . . . It helps you differentiate yourself and develop value,” he said.

Rukes added that, now as an alumnus, he plans to stay involved with his alma mater through alumni advisory boards and activities. “I’ve discussed with Professor Rowan establishing an alumni component to the Honors Program,” he said.

One of Purdue Calumet’s newest graduates also admits that his desire to stay involved is a byproduct of his passion for the university. “People talk to each other here,” he said. “There’s a community (at Purdue Calumet).”