EMERGE presentation

Purdue Calumet student exhibit highlights
communication and graphic designs

To showcase the skills, creativity and development garnered in their visual communication design program, 16 Purdue University Calumet students have created as their senior exhibit, “EMERGE”, which is on display in the gallery of the Student Union & Library through May 9.

Communication & Graphic Design

The exhibit includes works of communication and graphic design, ranging from corporate identity systems to infographics design, according to Assistant Professor Yueqi Zhang

Offered within the Department of Communication and Creative Arts, Purdue Calumet’s visual communication design program combines words, images and ideas in original ways to convey information and promote ideas to specific target audiences. Examples include websites, logos, books, billboards and interactive DVDs.

Real world problem solving

Through visual communication design, students focus on real-world problem solving, contemporary creative thinking, design methodology, technique and skill development, industry-standard computer technology, practical ability and media/cultural study.

“This program prepares students for professional careers, with the capability to plan communication strategies, explore solutions and form effective visual products,” Zhang said.