Student Research Day winners announced

24 Purdue Calumet students e
earn research awards

Twenty-four Purdue University Calumet students earned research awards for projects they presented during the university’s recent Student Research Day.

In all, 242 students presented 127 research projects. The presentations consisted of a written summary and an oral explanation or poster display. The number of student researchers represents a 43 percent increase from last year.

Following are student research award recipients and their project titles from each of four categories:

Undergraduate Oral Presentations

1st Place: mechanical engineering students Danko Andric of Schererville; Jiachun Li, Hammond/Beijing, China; and Xiaoxiao Zhang, Hammond —

Jiachun Li answers questions from the judges during the oral presentation.

“Computational Fluid Dynamics and VR Study of NIPSCO Unit 8 Decomposition Chamber.” 2nd Place: biological sciences student Anna S. Roessing of Gary – “Granulysin as a Lipid Binding Protein.” 3rd Place: information systems students Brad Jordan of Cedar Lake and Ben Oprinovich, Munster – “Reducing Adult Obesity through a Dynamic Web System: A Northwest Indiana Food Bank Case.”

Undergraduate Poster Presentations
1st Place: nursing students Alexandra Dziadon of Schererville; Renee Exo, Crete, Ill.; Amanda Glos, Portage; and Melissa Victor, Schererville — “Assessment of Infants Experiencing Withdrawal.” 2nd Place: nursing students Timothy Clinton, Hammond; Grace Gerhard, Aurora, Ill.; Alison Kouris, Whiting; and Kristina Payne, Highland –“Best Practices in Medication Reconciliation for Heart Failure Patients in the In-Patient Health Care Setting.” 3rd Place: Lauren Adamczewski, St. John; Brittany Bateman, Dyer; and Kadria Woodfork, Merrillville – “Identification of Best Practices in the Prevention of Alarm Fatigue.”

Graduate Student Oral Presentations

1st Place: computer science student Roger Jestes of Hammond –“Static and Dynamic Alternatives for Hybrid Branch Predictors.” 2nd Place: engineering student Kennethrex Obianika Ndukaife — “Infrared Imaging of the Spatial Distribution of Fouling on a Membrane Surface.” 3rd Place: engineering student Muhammad Sana Ullah, Hammond –“Features Extraction for Detecting Deception from Stress Speech Signals.”

Graduate Poster Presentations

1st Place: construction science student Dean Koldenhoven of Orland Park, Ill. — “Measuring the Diffusion of Oxygen through Concrete by Electrochemical Methods. 2nd Place: biological sciences student Christopher S. Hartman, Whiting – “Reduction of Artificial Salmonella Typhimurium Contamination on Stainless Steel by Application Bacteriophages.” 3rd Place (tie): modeling, simulation and visualization students Xingjian Chen of Hammond/Beijing, Chaoyang, China – ”Optimization of an Urea Decomposition Chamber Using Computational Fluid Dynamics and VR” — and Xiaoxi Lou, Hammond/Zhongyuan, Henan, China – “Numerical Optimization of a QBOP Vessel for Minimizing Kidney Formation.”