From the beginning of the universe

Purdue Calumet professor’s lecture to lead
journey from beginning of universe March 19

Purdue University Calumet Professor Neeti Parashar plans to take her audience on a grand journey from the beginning of the universe to the present when she delivers the lecture, “The Origin of Everything—God Particle Revealed,” at 6 p.m., Tuesday, March 19 in Alumni Hall of the university’s Student & Union Library.

Expert in high energy physics

Parashar, of Batavia, Ill., is an expert in high energy physics. She is part of the group of international physicist researchers who announced last July the discovery of a new subatomic particle that enhances understanding about the natural universe.

The particle has been called by news media the “God particle” because of its assumed key role within the Standard Model of particle physics, which shapes understanding about the composition and interaction of all matter in the natural universe.

“I look forward to explaining the newest and simply the most interesting physics research ever performed,” Parashar, a Purdue Calumet faculty member since 2005, said.

“God particle”

The search for the “God particle” has been a worldwide effort in the high energy physics community for more than 20 years, according to Parashar. “It has been an untiring attempt to explain the origin of mass,” she said.

Her presentation marks the fourth annual Purdue Calumet Faculty Lecture, intended to showcase faculty expertise and talent within the university. Admission is free.

Prof. Neeti Parashar