Celebrate Chinese New Year

Purdue Calumet to celebrate Chinese New Year Feb. 24

Many activities are on the agenda of Purdue University Calumet’s celebration of the Chinese New Year Sunday, Feb. 24 in the university’s Student Union & Library. Following Chinese tradition, this is “The Year of the Snake”.

Dinner, Karaoke, Entertainment

Festivities begin at 1:30 p.m. and continue until 8 p.m. In addition to dinner, karaoke and social time, visitors will enjoy entertainment. Dancers and singers are scheduled to perform traditional selections.

The first day of the year on the Lunar Calendar, Chinese New Year is considered among the most important holidays for the Chinese people. Also called, “The Spring Festival”, the merriment includes friends and families coming together to share their wishes and hopes for a brand new beginning.

During New Year’s Eve, families gather for their annual reunion, observed by a huge feast. The goal of this party is to reconcile, forget grudges and sincerely wish happiness and peace for all.

10 Years of Celebration

“Organized by the Purdue Calumet Chinese Student Association for the past 10 years, Purdue Calumet Chinese students, local Chinese society, as well as non-Chinese students and faculty, have been gathering together to put on brilliant shows and performances to enrich our campus activities,” Xueqian An,  program director for this year’s celebration, said. “By bringing the Chinese New Year to Purdue Calumet, not only do Chinese students have fun and feel less homesick, but also our non-Chinese friends are offered an opportunity to touch our culture and actually be a part of it. We are proud of our grand tradition.”

This year, the Purdue Calumet Student Government will also be a co-sponsor of the event.  “This is the first time our organization has had the opportunity to aid with such an exciting and dynamic cultural festivity. The Student Government will also be performing for the audience a Student Government small number to add to the festivities,” said Marisa Henderson, Student Body President.

In addition to the Purdue Calumet Chinese Student Association, sponsors include the Multi-Cultural Campus Council, Student Activities, Purdue Calumet Student Government and the university’s International Programs Office.

Information and tickets

For more information or to obtain tickets, contact Linda Robinson at 219/989-2765.