Purdue Calumet I.T. students assist National Domestic Violence Registry

Students of Purdue University Calumet’s Department of Computer Information Technology and Graphics (CITG) are providing information technology services to the National Domestic Violence Registry.

The initiative is part of an experiential learning partnership enabling senior level students to apply knowledge they have gained traditionally through their classroom and laboratory studies within a real world environment.

“The take-away for us includes students applying their knowledge and research results to find new and/or better methods of developing and implementing the database and interface functionality for access to the records in the database,” CITG Department Head Chuck Winer said. “We also are helping to develop grant applications to support this much needed national resource,”

Last spring, 2012 CITG graduate Sean Robertson of Munster took advantage of an experiential learning opportunity to redesign the National Domestic Violence Registry (NDVR) database to expand data elements. Also included were changes to the Web interface with input from NDVR Founder and Executive Director Myra Spearman.

“We were in need of someone who could build a new database for our registry from the ground up and add some design changes to the web site,” Spearman said. “I was referred to Chuck Winer. His representation of Purdue (Calumet) was absolutely wonderful. I knew at that point that we wanted to partner with him.”

While establishing and developing the National Domestic Violence Registry, Spearman said White House Adviser for Violence Against Women Lynn Rosenthal encouraged her to seek a partner.

“She suggested either an institution of higher learning or a national domestic violence organization,” Spearman said. “We are right in line with her request by having Purdue University Calumet as a partner. As we plan our approach into 2013, we are excited to go forth and make the National Domestic Violence Registry a more comprehensive tool in the fight against domestic and family violence. Ultimately, we’d like to see the National Domestic Violence Registry housed at Purdue University Calumet.”

More information may be obtained by contacting Professor Winer at (219) 989-2513 or online at Winer@purduecal.edu.