Purdue Calumet instructor writes book about how to enjoy retirement

Some people find retirement is not all that it’s supposed to be. Other retirees are extremely satisfied.

So more than a decade ago, Bill Leavitt began researching various aspects of retirement. The result is his recently published, 136-page book, Retirement: Life’s Greatest Adventure. The book guides readers through the process of developing a plan for an active, happy, healthy, engaged and fulfilled retirement.

Leavitt, an instructor of technical writing at Purdue University Calumet, also earned awards as a technical writer before retiring from his job in industry some 11 years ago at age 59. By doing so, he wrote, “I may have added as much as 60 percent to my years of leisure.”

Retirement: Life’s Greatest Adventure” addresses issues related to the emotional and psychological aspects of retirement, volunteer opportunities, weather-related relocation, making friends, returning to work, health concerns, retirement benefits, goal-setting and the impact of retirement on one’s marriage.

While conducting research, Leavitt engaged in numerous retirement-related activities and interviewed hundreds of individuals to determine their views about retirement. Leavitt also offers thought-provoking advice on how to create a personal plan of fulfillment, while addressing challenges and opportunities that are inherent to creating an ideal retirement.

The book is published by Write On Technical Writing, Inc. and is available for $16.65 c/o Write On Technical Writing, Inc., PO Box 132, Valparaiso, Ind. 46384-0132, or by visiting the author’s web site: www.RetirementLifesGreatestAdventure.com.