Purdue Calumet hosting ’Working Smarter to be Job Marketable’ for area residents, 6/25

For the 25th consecutive year, Purdue University Calumet is hosting a community outreach program to help area residents gain insights, tips and strategies for becoming more job- and career-marketable during what continues to be a challenging economy.

The program, Working Smarter to be Job Marketable, is scheduled at 6:15 p.m., Monday, June 25 in Alumni Hall of Purdue Calumet’s Student Union & Library. The program offers fast-paced sessions, an opportunity to interact with presenters, an information packet and refreshments.

Working Smarter to be Job Marketable is intended for individuals searching for a job, others concerned about their pending employment status, those considering a career change, others planning to return to the work force after an extended absence and individuals who are exploring the prospect of starting or purchasing a business.

The Purdue Calumet program will feature the following sessions:

  • How to Stay Job Marketable & Keep Your Job Skills Fresh(new ideas job seekers can implement to impress employers);
  • Are You Prepared for a Behavioral-based Interview?(preparing for interview questions employers ask to explore past behavior);
  • Assessing Yourself & Your Skills(putting your best foot forward in a job search by sizing up strengths & weaknesses);
  • Succeeding at Your Dream Job(what it takes to start, nurture and succeed at starting a business);
  • How to Use Social Media to Find Your Next Job(10 strategies for helping job searchers connect with the 98 percent of job recruiters who use social media);
  • LEARNING How to Work Smarter to be Job Marketable(various learning options available at Purdue Calumet).

“Individuals who want to gain insider perspectives about how to move forward in a fast-changing work world will benefit from this program,” Purdue Calumet Assistant Vice Chancellor for Advancement/University Relations and program coordinator Wes Lukoshus said. “Though not a job fair, our program will offer insightful information to help enable attendees to enrich, jump start or redirect their professional lives.”

To qualify for free admission, individuals must register by June 22. Otherwise, at-the-door admission is $20. Individuals may register on line at the Purdue Calumet Working Smarter to be Job Marketable web site link at: http://webs.purduecal.edu/workingsmarter/. Prospective attendees also may register by phoning Purdue Calumet’s Office of University Relations at 219/989-2217 or toll free at 800/HI-PURDUE, ext. 2217.

The program is co-sponsored by The Times and Post-Tribune of Northwest Indiana newspapers, both of which also are publishing program registration forms. Additionally, other Northwest Indiana colleges and universities are hosting Working Smarter… programs June 26-29.