Mitsubishi Electric Automation partners with Purdue Calumet RE: new mechatronics lab

A recently-developed partnership between Purdue University Calumet’s School of Technology and Mitsubishi Electric Automation (MEAU) has produced a new, campus-based, state-of-the-art mechatronics engineering technology laboratory.

The lab provides an environment of real world equipment designed to enable students to gain the knowledge and experience that is attractive to employers, according to Purdue Calumet Dean of the School of Technology Niaz Latif.

“This is a win-win partnership between industry and the university,” Latif said. “Students have the opportunity to learn in a modern automation laboratory, and Mitsubishi customers benefit through access to a training facility at a convenient location. This laboratory could not have been developed without the generous support and donation of Mitsubishi Electric Automation.”

The new lab features five automation simulation rack unit stations donated by MEAU. The cutting edge technological units, each valued at $13,000 or more, include programmable logic controllers, human machine interfaces and PC-based icon-driven programming tools.

“Our involvement in the development of a world class training facility utilizing Mitsubishi Electric hardware, software and training curriculum has been very rewarding,” Mitsubishi Electric Automation Technical Support Group Manager Mark Werthman, Sr. said. “Working with the faculty of Purdue Calumet’s School of Technology has been a privilege.”

Purdue Calumet offers one of the few, if not only mechatronics engineering technology baccalaureate degree programs in the nation. The program, which debuted in 2008, prepares students for job and career opportunities in the rapidly-growing, multi-million dollar packaging industry.

Mechatronics engineering technology combines mechanical design, manufacturing and electrical control within a foundational context of packaging machinery. Students as prospective professionals learn to design, build and service the industry’s complex, high-speed machinery.

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