New degree at PUC designed to address complex, 21st century workplace challenges

Before committing to a costly investment of an uncertain solution to increase productivity or solve a problem, business and industry may want to seek expertise from graduates of a new and innovative degree program at Purdue University Calumet.

Those who pursue the novel Master of Science degree in Modeling, Simulation and Visualization (MSV) will study sophisticated technological concepts and develop problem-solving skills designed to enable virtual analysis of workplace challenges.

Recently approved by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, the 14th graduate degree offered at Purdue Calumet is the first of its nature in Indiana. The interdisciplinary offering will combine knowledge and expertise from several scientific disciplines.

“Through visualizing, manipulating and interacting with computer-generated simulations and models, an individual can interact effectively with 2D and 3D computerized environments in real time using his/her natural senses and skills,” Purdue Calumet Interim Associate Vice Chancellor of Research and Graduate Studies Niaz Latif said.

Latif added that introducing the degree is in response to “a critical need to educate and develop professionals who can incorporate advanced technologies and collaborate with professionals from other disciplines to solve industrial and societal problems.”

The degree is designed to equip graduates with skills essential to visualization designers, engineers, technologists, business intelligence developers, software consultants and computer scientists, as well as professionals in transportation, education, marketing and healthcare.

Undergraduate degrees in science, technology, engineering, medical/healthcare and business/management-related fields provide solid preparation for the modeling, simulation and visualization curriculum.

Purdue Calumet’s Center for Innovation through Visualization and Simulation will serve as a laboratory for enrollees. The Center is a data visualization lab that combines advanced simulation techniques with 3D visualization modeling and virtual reality technologies. Since 2009, industrial clients have used resources of the Center to save more than $30 million in production and operating costs.

The modeling, simulation and visualization program begins officially in fall 2013, though some classes may be introduced during the 2012-13 academic year. Other information can be obtained by contacting Purdue Calumet Director of Graduate Studies Joy Colwell (219/989-2257,