PUC’s Educational Talent Search receives $1,000 grant from Walmart Foundation

The Educational Talent Search (ETS) program of Purdue University Calumet received a $1,000 community grant from the Walmart Foundation to offset costs of college readiness initiatives being offered during the 2011-12 fiscal year.

“On behalf of ETS, its constituents and stakeholders, we are truly pleased and humbled to receive funding from the Walmart Foundation,” Purdue Calumet Educational Talent Search Director Melvyn Harding said. “This is just another great example of a corporate commitment to the local community. One hundred percent of the funding from this grant will be used to provide college readiness services to Educational Talent Search participants.”

Through its Community Grant program, the Walmart Foundation seeks to enrich the lives of residents, customers and associates in Walmart communities.

Educational Talent Search is part of the federally funded TRIO programs, which help qualified students from disadvantaged backgrounds navigate through the pipeline of educational attainment. At Purdue Calumet, Educational Talent Search focuses on providing services and opportunities that help enable students to complete secondary school, qualify for postsecondary education and, subsequently, graduate.