Hanover Central, HAST joining Purdue Calumet dual credit partnership

Purdue University Calumet’s dual credit partnership with northwest Indiana high schools is taking another step forward.

Hanover Central High School of Cedar Lake and Hammond’s charter school, the Hammond Academy of Science and Technology, will become participating partners next fall. Additionally, the curriculum for current partners Crown Point and Lake Central High Schools will expand next fall.

The dual credit partnership provides an opportunity for qualified high school students to earn high school and university credit from the same courses. The courses are taught at the high schools by high school teachers who utilize the same curricula and syllabi as courses taught at Purdue Calumet.

“Hanover Central High School is proud to introduce the Purdue Calumet dual credit curriculum model into our school,” Principal Justin Biggs said. “We are excited about the opportunity to foster collaboration between professors and teachers and look forward to seeing high student achievement as the end result.”

To assure Purdue Calumet standards of quality and rigor, a team of university faculty, coordinated by Professor of Communication Lisa Goodnight, is providing teacher training twice a year at Purdue Calumet, including a workshop held Feb. 24 and attended by more than 20 teachers from the participating, dual credit partnering schools. Ongoing training and faculty development initiatives take place throughout the year at the high schools and online.

“These workshops create and facilitate desired partnerships between high school teachers and university faculty,” Goodnight said. Through these partnerships, Purdue Calumet ensures the rigor and quality of the Purdue Calumet courses offered at the high schools. Also, the workshops provide us with face to face opportunities to review and adjust our ongoing assessment of student learning objectives.”

The Indiana Commission for Higher Education advocates dual credit partnerships as an affordable strategy for encouraging baccalaureate degree attainment.

Another benefit of the dual credit initiative, Goodnight said, is “University faculty and high school teachers work together to facilitate student learning, so that students can gain important foundational skills in communication, writing and critical thinking—all skills needed for success in our global society in higher education and at work.”

At Hanover Central and HAST next fall, dual credit courses will be introduced in communication, English Composition, psychology and sociology. Crown Point and Lake Central High Schools, which have been offering courses in those disciplines, will add dual credit classes in literature appreciation, U.S. history and fourth year language study of Spanish, German and French.

Satisfactory completion of each dual credit course produces three hours of university credit. Students must be recommended by their guidance counselor for class enrollment. Dual credit enrollees pay reduced tuition fees than what is charged for campus-based university courses.

Purdue Calumet’s current spring semester enrollment includes 325 dual credit enrollees from Crown Point and Lake Central High Schools.