Munster instructor develops course & CD for fitness professionals

Purdue University Calumet instructor Tina Schmidt-McNulty of Munster has developed and produced an instructional course and related CD for fitness professionals. The course focuses on how properties of gravity and buoyancy affect movement and equipment use in aquatic and land environments.

The course and materials include exercise and equipment options on land and in water for all primary muscle groups.

“The properties of land and water are two different entities when it comes to exercise,” Schmidt-McNulty said. “I felt there was some confusion among instructors when trying to train the same muscle groups on land and in water. The concepts of water exercise are covered in detail in the CD. I hope this will be a nice resource for fitness professionals when transferring exercise to water from land.”

The course is designed to provide continuing education for fitness industry professionals. Continuing education credits (CECs) are necessary to gain and maintain professional certification within the industry.

Schmidt-McNulty is a registered nurse, clinical exercise specialist and guest lecturer in Purdue Calumet’s fitness management academic program. She holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Indiana University and also earned a baccalaureate nursing degree at Purdue Calumet.