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The myPUC Web Portal offers “single sign-on” access to Purdue Calumet’s online resources — including Blackboard/myCourses, PC Star, Degree Works, and important announcements — from a central location, with a single username and password. The Portal also offers the potential for drastically improved communication and collaboration among students, faculty, and staff.







What is myPUC?

myPUC is the hub of Purdue University Calumet’s online resources. It is a Web portal, allowing students, faculty, and staff access to internal features of the university’s site—including Blackboard (myCourses), PC Star, Degree Works, and important announcements—from a central location.


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What is a Web portal?

A portal is a Web site that presents information from diverse sources in a unified way and provides some options for customization by users. It also provides features that enhance collaboration and communication among its community of users.

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What is “Single Sign-On” access?

“Single Sign-On” access requires you to log in only once to gain access to multiple internal features of Purdue Calumet’s site. After logging in to myPUC with your new username and password, you will be able to directly access Blackboard, PC Star, Degree Works, and other resources without logging in again.

The “single sign-on” username and password (also referred to as a “Career Account username and password”) also is used for logging in to lab workstations, GoPrint, student Gmail, and CalNet (the wireless network).


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What are the benefits of using myPUC with “Single Sign-On” access?

It’s easier – Rather than visiting separate web pages to use each of Purdue Calumet’s online resources, students, faculty, and staff can access them from a central location by logging in to myPUC only once.

It’s more secure – New “single sign-on” passwords will be required to meet strict guidelines, greatly reducing the risk of identity fraud. For additional security, users will be required to change their passwords regularly.


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Will myPUC replace the main Purdue University Calumet Web site?

No. Members of the campus community will eventually use myPUC to access all internal online resources, but the portal will not replace the main Purdue University Calumet site. As myPUC is further developed to serve the needs of students, faculty, and staff, Purdue Calumet’s main Web site will evolve to focus on an external audience.


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Which additional online resources may be available by “Single Sign-On” access through myPUC in the future?

Several internal features of PUC’s site are currently available by “single sign-on” access through myPUC, including Blackboard, PC Star, and Degree Works.

Future possibilities include:

  • OnePurdue (Employee Self-Service), which gives faculty and staff access to information about paychecks, insurance, and benefits. OnePurdue is not available by “single sign-on” access at this time, but it may be included in the near future.
  • Faculty and staff email accounts will continue to require external authentication for now, but will likely be available through myPUC in the future.


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Who can I contact with questions, comments, or concerns?

Additional technical information is available at or

All questions, comments, and concerns should be submitted via our “Ask a Question” form, or by phone at (219) 989-2888, option 2.


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Additional questions:


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