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Looking to Gain Experience? No Problem.

Our marketing students get hands on experience through classes that incorporate real-world marketing issues from clients, internships, and national competitions. Here's what your resume will look like when you're done:

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This graphic contains a list of courses that you can include on your resume, to be taken during your sophomore, junior and senior year. Details for each course are on this page.

Senior Year

Brand Manager

Course: MKG 48000 – Marketing Strategy
Impress your company’s executive board with your ability to analyze marketing situations and create effective strategic solutions. Students work to solve strategic marketing problems and communicate analyses in a persuasive way.

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Account Director

Course: MKG 42900/43000 – Advertising Campaigns
Is an advertising agency right for you? Find out. Each year PUC competes in the National Student Advertising Competition where you’ll develop a multi-million dollar advertising campaign for clients such as Nissan, State Farm, and Coca-Cola. In April you’ll present your ideas in person to the client.

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Paid Search Consultant

Course: MKG 42800 – Advertising Management
Here’s you chance to help local businesses drive online traffic to their websites through a Google paid search campaign. Students work together with the client to establish objectives, drive traffic, and measure online conversions.

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Digital/Interactive Analyst

Course: MKG 42000 – Digital Marketing Campaigns
You’ll develop a digital marketing campaign for companies such as dELiA*s and Domino’s Pizza, where you’ll incorporate social media, email, mobile, paid placement, and web development into a campaign you’ll submit to the client.

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Junior Year

Social Media Manager

Course: MKG 43400 – Digital Marketing Strategy
Social media is so much more than launching a Facebook or Twitter page. Here you’ll learn best practices, formulate sound strategies, and execute a social media page for a local business.

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Retail Analyst

Course: MKG 42600 – Marketing Channels
The place utility is absolutely essential in bringing value to consumers and offers a tremendous range of surprisingly profitable career opportunities ranging from logistics managers to buyers. Learn how to analyze the marketplace to spot trends and project future performance – all adding to the bottom line of ...

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Market Research Analyst

Course: MKG 42500 – Marketing Research
Accurately understanding the markets requires a variety of marketing research skills, including collecting, analyzing, and reporting information about consumers. In this course, you will learn step-by-step research procedures, and equally important, apply your learning experience to the real-world practices. Students also have an opportunity of using the course project ...

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Sales Professional

Course: MKG 43300 – Personal Selling
Did you know that sales jobs are among the top five post-graduate jobs for most majors including business, communication, arts, psychology, biology, and computer majors (to name a few)? Why not get ahead of the game and learn the skills necessary to compete in this in-demand field? ...

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Sophomore Year

Consumer Marketing Analyst

Course: MKG 42400 – Consumer Behavior
Consumers are individuals and thus different. Who are they? How and why do they behave in the marketplace? In this course, you will learn both theories and practices to seek answers about consumers from diverse perspectives. You will understand how to best serve consumers and fulfill their needs.

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Integrated Marketing Consultant

Course: MKG 42100 – Integrated Marketing Communications
To start your career in marketing, you’ll be working in a team environment where you’ll develop an Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for a local client. Working hand-in-hand with the client, you’ll perform research, formulate strategies to accomplish the client’s real-life issues, and present the client with a plan ...

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