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Employment Specialist/Recruiter

Course: OBHR 43300 – Staffing Organizations

Have you ever wondered why some companies are so successful in hiring the best employees to carry out their vision? To start your career as a Human Resource Professional, this course will provide you with the best practice skills to interview and hire the most qualified candidate for ...

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Employee/Labor Relations Representative

Course: OBHR 43000 – Labor Relations

The ability to handle day-to-day employee related issues in a unionized workplace is essential to the work of a Labor Relations Representative. In this course, you will learn the various federal and employment laws that impact the labor relations arena. Additionally, you will develop your ability to ...

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Compensation Analyst

Course: OBHR 43500 – Compensation Management

Have you ever thought about how employers set the wages or salary for a particular job? Do you know how they decide on the amount of money to offer an applicant? Did you ever wonder how employers figure out how to keep compensation fair within their firms and in ...

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Training and Development Specialist

Course: OBHR 42600 – Training and Managerial Development

Do you enjoy working with people, giving presentations, and leading training activities? Would you like planning, conducting, and administering programs designed to help employees improve their knowledge and abilities? If so, there are opportunities for you in nearly every industry, if you have the right ...

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