Sales Professional

Course: MKG 43300 – Personal Selling
Did you know that sales jobs are among the top five post-graduate jobs for most majors including business, communication, arts, psychology, biology, and computer majors (to name a few)? Why not get ahead of the game and learn the skills necessary to compete in this in-demand field? Learn what it means to be a salesperson whose reputation is built on integrity and knowledge. Shadow real sales professionals in the field and compete with other students in a course sales competition.

Brand Manager

Course: MKG 48000 – Marketing Strategy
Impress your company’s executive board with your ability to analyze marketing situations and create effective strategic solutions. Students work to solve strategic marketing problems and communicate analyses in a persuasive way.

Account Director

Course: MKG 42900/43000 – Advertising Campaigns
Is an advertising agency right for you? Find out. Each year PUC competes in the National Student Advertising Competition where you’ll develop a multi-million dollar advertising campaign for clients such as Nissan, State Farm, and Coca-Cola. In April you’ll present your ideas in person to the client.

Paid Search Consultant

Course: MKG 42800 – Advertising Management
Here’s you chance to help local businesses drive online traffic to their websites through a Google paid search campaign. Students work together with the client to establish objectives, drive traffic, and measure online conversions.

Digital/Interactive Analyst

Course: MKG 42000 – Digital Marketing Campaigns
You’ll develop a digital marketing campaign for companies such as dELiA*s and Domino’s Pizza, where you’ll incorporate social media, email, mobile, paid placement, and web development into a campaign you’ll submit to the client.