Social Media Manager

Course: MKG 43400 – Digital Marketing Strategy
Social media is so much more than launching a Facebook or Twitter page. Here you’ll learn best practices, formulate sound strategies, and execute a social media page for a local business.

Retail Analyst

Course: MKG 42600 – Marketing Channels
The place utility is absolutely essential in bringing value to consumers and offers a tremendous range of surprisingly profitable career opportunities ranging from logistics managers to buyers. Learn how to analyze the marketplace to spot trends and project future performance – all adding to the bottom line of your company and paving a way for a successful career.

Market Research Analyst

Course: MKG 42500 – Marketing Research
Accurately understanding the markets requires a variety of marketing research skills, including collecting, analyzing, and reporting information about consumers. In this course, you will learn step-by-step research procedures, and equally important, apply your learning experience to the real-world practices. Students also have an opportunity of using the course project to participate in a national market research competition.

Sales Professional

Course: MKG 43300 – Personal Selling
Did you know that sales jobs are among the top five post-graduate jobs for most majors including business, communication, arts, psychology, biology, and computer majors (to name a few)? Why not get ahead of the game and learn the skills necessary to compete in this in-demand field? Learn what it means to be a salesperson whose reputation is built on integrity and knowledge. Shadow real sales professionals in the field and compete with other students in a course sales competition.