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Course: MKG 43300 – Personal Selling


Did you know that sales jobs are among the top five post-graduate jobs for most majors including business, communication, arts, psychology, biology, and computer majors (to name a few)?  Why not get ahead of the game and learn the skills necessary to compete in this in-demand field?  Learn what it means to be a salesperson whose reputation is built on integrity and knowledge.  Shadow real sales professionals in the field and compete with other students in a course sales competition.

This experiential learning (ExL) class prepares you to be effective in a sales position through various methods.  First, learn how to implement the sales process through numerous in-class role-plays.  Second, discover how to effectively manage your time, plan ahead, sell yourself in writing, build positive habits, and adapt to others’ social styles through personal development assignments.  Third, shadow, interview, and sell to a sales professional in the field.  Finally, compete with your classmates in a semester role-play competition where you research a company and sell it to a “buyer.” 

“My recommendation to students enrolling in Dr. Mich’s ‘Personal Selling’ class is to take their in-class role play competition seriously.  It depicts a very accurate display of what corporations are looking for in sales’ prospects and would provide a strong foundation for any student looking to compete in the [National Collegiate Sales Competition] NCSC.”  ~ former student Kathy Williams


Claudia Costiuc Mich, Ph.D.
Anderson 371


  • 2013 – National Collegiate Sales Competition participation
  • 2012 – National Collegiate Sales Competition participation

Syllabus Example:

MKG 43300 – Personal Selling Syllabus Example (DOC)

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